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  According to Whim has been designing games for many years (and seperatley for years before that as well). Since the explosion of websites like Kickstarter, we have decided to see if we can get some of these games made professionally.
In 2010 Chris and I created our first real homebrew game called Whimwars. Previously games created by us individually were typically just RPG type games in bound paper format. Whimwars was the first time we created a game that included dice, minature maps, and even a pencil in a nifty case. We produced about fifty copies of the game and began to sell them online and at the local comic conventions we exhibit at.

In 2012 we took our design a step further and developed a board game called Rise of the Rockstar. The game design was dug up from a brain storming session we had involving games back in 2008. We tested and revised the game for a year and a half before hiring artist Jason Chalker to give us some art work to help promote the Kickstarter.

In 2013 we launched the Kickstarter but the public wasn't ready for the awesomeness of Rise of the Rockstar. We have learned much from that project and moved along to our current game: Zombie Death Force, Go!

In 2013 we began testing a simple card game based on the premis of a Zombie Apocalypse. My main goal was to make the game super simple to learn but relied on you stabbing your opponents in the back at the same time. For this game we got Den Dunn in on the art work. Ben is a great guy and produced some nice art. With the launch of the Zombie Death Force, Go! Kickstarter we hope to not only get the game made, but to procure funds for our next game as well. Please click on the banner up at the top of the page to visit the Kickstarter and please make a donation today!

Games developed or in progress:

Time Runner (RPG)
Super Spy (RPG)
Rise of the Rockstar
21 to 42
Whimwars Armada
Whimwars Resource
Chris McGinty's Math-O-Plenty
and various unnamed games in development





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