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   Thanks for taking an interest in our little rag-tag group of creative dudes. We don't think of ourselves as 'monoliths of creativity', we just want to do as much as we can with the small amount of time we have here on this planet. If you have any interest in joining us in any of the projects you see on this website such as filmmaking, writing, acting, etc... please let us know. Drop us an email.
     All of our schedules vary so wildly that we have had to do a lot of creative thinking to get stuff done. We mainly use various Yahoo! groups to do the majority of our work and then set up times every once in a while to actually get together. Some of the thing we do when we gather are:
  • Brainstorming all sorts of ideas
  • Filming
  • Writing Critiques
  • Script Writing
  • Script Revisions
  • Business related stuff
  • Game design/testing
     We encourage people to join our group. We feel the more creative input we all have, the better our stuff is. If you know or are apart of similar groups of creatively motivated people, please join our group and let's all network!
     If you have massive ideas, or just a a couple of small ones, let us know. We can't be the only guys like this in the whole DFW area!
     We are also looking for cool locations for filming, so if you know of any that we can use, email us!
     Got any real connections to any of the industries we are interested in? Movies, publishing, etc... PLEASE email us! Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated!






 Fort Worth, Texas - Join our Creative group!
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