According To Whim 10/12/2020

So how this works… It is technically a blog post but when you make it, choose the CATEGORY as Audio Show (on the right Menu on the Document Tab). It places it in a different list. It’s acts like a blog post in the respect that you can tag it with keywords and it shows up in a neat list like you always wanted. Finally, you should add an image that will show up on the main list of shows by uploading it using the link on the right called FEATURED IMAGE.

We can also turn off/on almost any aspect of the page (links, dates, authors, etc). It is all very customizable.

In this episode Nathan discovers that making changes to certain settings in WordPress will jack it all up and you have to delete and redo the whole flippin thing. YOu can ofcourse backup but even if you restore a backup some of the stuff in’t there so you have to rebuild alot of it.

Later Nathan’s eyes get so screen-fatigued from staring at this site from the site.

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