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According To Whim: The Audio Show

These are mostly in MP3 but a good chunk (about 30) of the older episodes are in Real Audio format. Just make your PC play it like an MP3 and it should work. If you are die hard, rename the files.

And YES, we were doing these audio shows LONG BEFORE THERE WAS SUCH A THING AS A "PODCAST". So shove it you trendy people!

The concept is simple. We (used to, before digital junk) take a ninety minute tape stick it into a tape recorder and record on one side until it stops. So we might never achieve a completely satisfactory ending. A typical ending might go like this, "Hey Miguel don’t you think we should stop the show right now, since we’re almost coming to the…(click!). Mighty production value conscious of us, huh?

During that time we (Miguel, Chris, and occasionally Nathan) talk about…just whatever. You may hear something entertaining, something funny, something profound, or something that just doesn’t interest you at all. Anyway you can listen to it while you look at other web pages. Although we record on tape, you’ll need a Real Audio and an MP3 player to hear it. And don’t be alarmed when it cuts off abruptly either. That’s by (poor production) design. Most of the shows are done in the wee-hours of the morning, usually up to about 4 or 5 am (oh the excitement)! Miguel and Chris start off the series and Nathan comes in at about show # 20.

A word of warning, as we're talking we try to be ourselves as much as possible, which means that our language might be geared more for an HBO type of audience than the Family Channel crowd if you know what I mean. There is quite a bit of language and VERY crude humor here so don't let the young ones listen... you've been warned!

So sit back, start listening and do some web surfing! Soon will be familiar with this rag tag group of unmotivated slackers!

One final note. Several (most) of the newer shows are where we discuss business stuff and goals and such and might not be 'as' entertaining as the regular show. You will see 'Business' in the description

07-03-12 Nathan and Chris discuss the Robotech episode: 'Homecoming'.
12-29-11  N&C discuss their year long writing project 'Flash' and other goals.
03-19-11 Free podcast Duran Duran concert, gambling, music industry.
03-09-11  Web rankings and search engines.
??????? Before and after a Dallas Comicon.
08-26-10 An on the road show.
07-20-10  [75:00min - .wma] Business and goal talk.
01-28-10 [30:00min] General business talk about the website.
12-21-09 Business and goal talk.
02-28-08 Chris and Nathan go to WinStar Casino then what went wrong!
02-18-08 Chris and Nathan talk about and play BlackJack (somewhat boring).
09-10-07  10 week goal talk, air bongs, Chris' drama life.
08-01-07  Part 2 is all about the last Harry Potter book.
05-06-05  05-06-05 is 7 minutes.  
???????      (Date not known)  
???????      (Date not known)  
???????      Break-in episode (unknown date)  
???????      (Date not known: Approx 2004/05)  
07-21-04      07-21-04 are all 15 minute episodes.  
03-25-03 Miguel joins Chris and Nathan at the comic shop. 2 hour show!
03-08-99 Directors, bands, Gene Siskel, George Lucas, etc  
02-28-99 C&C, King Sandman, Primus, Robert Smith, and things get ugly.  
     Part 2 is the INFAMOUS Wataburger episode.
     Back at Nathan's for pinball and cursing at 1:57 in the morning.
     This episode is devoted to getting people to email Miguel about the show.
     3:28 in the morning and Miguel and Nathan want to sleep, what whimps!  
     The show begins with the pop from a can of Chris' lifeblood.... Dr. Pepper. Chris later reveals the most disgusting flesh wound ever! Miguel almost pukes, after he offers to lick it. Miguel also talks about puking as a child, song rip-offs (oops, remakes), Tori Amos, and finally an episode that doesn't end in mid sentence!
     What does the show start out with? Chris getting a DP, what else?! Chris and Miguel talk about porn, Metallica, The Lost World, The Phantom Menace, Their show and their multitude of loyal fans....NOT!.  They also prepare for the episode (episode 19) where According To Whim goes on the road: to success, or DEATH!
     Chris tries to bum $130.00 off Miguel.  Miguel and Chris go on the road... is this the last episode of ATW? "Lets get ready to rumble!" They both stop off to pay Chris' bill and absolutely FREAK to guy out at the register. 
     They try to find Brian, but they don't know which apartment he lives in so they decide to head over to Nathan's. They travel over to Nathan's and he Joins the Duo and things get ugly! As soon as they go into Nathan's, the geekiness is shown right away with the discovery of D&D stuff RIGHT AWAY. Miguel embarrasses Nathan by giving him his borrowed porn back (in a loud voice).
Miguel plays Halflife in Part 5.  
     Chris hates The Offspring! Find out why... Miguel reads a letter concerning the show. They both discuss making money off Sniffles (sniff). If you don't know what Sniffles (sniff). Miguel accidentally visits a Star Trek convention and tries not to look like a dork. Chris does is George Takei impression.
     Part 3: Miguel and Chris continue discussing George Clooney and what he has to do with O.J. Simpson and some guy Chris knows. Chris rants on the current educational system. Miguel once again claims not to be a Star Trek geek while telling us all the actresses that were originally going to play Janeway on Voyager. He also enlightens us on other roles in several other movies.  
     Miguel and Chris take us on an adventure to Stop and Go where they freak out the cashier, making her think they are: undercover sneaks from corporate? or just a couple of freaky weirdoes? You be the judge! They also discuss Miguel's love of the movie Cobra. Other topics include expensive milk, popular music, Even more Y2K.      Chris flips out and goes into spasms or something and yep, you guessed it, Y2K. Chris reads some fan email for their TV show, or is it? They also read THE email...The email that could give them their 15 minutes of fame!!!! Miguel makes late night prank calls to New York executives while Chris makes fun of his job and risks firing.
     Miguel and Chris discuss why they had a falling out. Miguel's unfair use of Boarders Books, his hots for roaming folk artists, the speed of time, his long lost friend, and the show wraps up in a giggle fest.
     Chris and Miguel discuss Y2k (again), Chris' plot to get Miguel a new truck (well, sort of). Miguel also goes into a lengthy discussion about his idol: Steven Spielberg.  
     Kim's discovery of Miguel having whacked off earlier, Freud and penis envy and rape fantasies, a former co-worker of Chris who shot his girlfriend and then himself, George Michael and Nathan Lane coming out in the pages of The Advocate, Hasslehorse, Drew Carey as Dilbert.      Miguel's Morrisey impression, James Van Der Beek as Anakin retraction, a Morrisey song, r&b artists singing over every part of a song, pop divas and Laura Brannigan, celebrities online, web mergers and the privatization of the internet, FBI worries.
     Y2K dilemma and their attempts to hide their illegal stuff from  the feds, fiction writers, wildly skewed views of world history, a pig  named Babe, Chris' fear of "Post Office Box Stalkers" and his non-stop erections!
  Beauty, more Y2K. Chris thrills us with his tale of dangerous road conditions. Miguel and Chris also discuss the death of 80s rock bands and working on their T.V. show, raving tyrants aimed at local entertainment magazines and their failure to give them their 15 minutes of fame! (the first few seconds of the audio is kinda bad).  
     Chris' explanation of how he antagonizes Miguel and Miguel constant reply of "hi", mathematical proof of why 2000 won't be start of new millenium and Chris tries to get the room cleaning going again.  
     Chris tries to get the cleanup episode going while Miguel starts creating an avi file of the first episode, plea to R&B artists to listen to Lionel Richie and Miguel's bad impersonations of Boys Do Men, Aaron Neville, and Michael Bolton, the scam about security cams, Spielberg vs. Ed Wood, Chris' Papa John's deposit scare, Chris' car problems, glam rock ballad compilations, Spielberg and Amy Irving, sequel to Carrie, Chris' new TV habit, Adam's never seen Friends, why the Teletubbies suck.  
     Chris outside the door with Miguel asleep, Chris goes to a payphone, He answers the door groggily and announce that he is getting my VCR, two man show with one man, Modester online, Hey Kid Ego, In Dreams (Robert Downey Jr.), James Van Der Beek and Annakin Skywalker, WB discussion, setting up freespeech account, video card and getting it's full use, problems with fortunecity, Finley and the pizza, recounting of Chris' strangling Finley, Selena (Celine Dion got 
     Movie discussion, marital discussion and more, and that's before the show EVEN starts! Then the show actually breaks down when conversation runs out. Not to fear, it starts up again at full force. A discussion of making According To Whim as well as Behind the scenes sketch (Gus Van Sant's Psycho), Opening sketches pro or con (Politically Incorrect,Saturday Night Live), this show as an extension of Chris' and Adam's taped correspondence, Clinton impeachment (sex or not), Tipper Gore sucks, StrWrsTrdr IMs, Carl Crew's Jeffrey Dauhmer masterwork, white trash marriage, and the Switzer love connection.  
     The show begins with a discussion of Cracker Barrel firing policy, red necks, and the bible with lots of spicy language. Chris and Miguel wanted to attempt to enrage as many people as possible in their first show! Leviticus complex, going to the kitchen (look at all these chocolate chips), and 97 hours at Papa John's.