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What is Zombie Death Force, Go!?
Zombie Death Force Go! is a card game ATW Productions has developed. The project was successfully Kickstarted in September of 2016.
Zombie Death Force, Go! FAQ
Here we will answer any questions you might have about our game. If you don't see your answer here, please drop us an email (will will not share your email or spam you). Click here.
Who produced your art work for the game?
We are proud to have the legendary Ben Dunn as our artist! Ben is known for his comic book work on Robotech, Captain Harlock, Ninja High School, Warrior Nun Areala, Voltron (to name a few). Ben was also an artist on Marvel Comic's Mangaverse as well as the 2006 movie Through a Scanner Darkly. He was also the founder of Antarctic Press.
Can you tell us what the parts are for this game?
Zombie Death Force, Go! is a card game with 62 cards with 2 of those cards being optional for adding additinal players.
Is Zombie Death Force, Go! your first game?
According To Whim has produced a game called Whim Wars (which we sell online from time to time and at the Dallas Comicons) as well as having developed Rise of the Rockstar (a completed but failed Kickstarter). We hope to run a Whim Wars Kickstarter next year to produce the version the game deserves as well as revise Rise of the Rockstart and put it out on Kickstarter once again! We have also some older RPGs (Time Runner and Super Spy) we hope to update and KS in the future too! We have 5 other games in various stages of creation as well.
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