Welcome to our site. This is a time capsule of the last 20+ years of the friendship of some guys from Texas. Chris and Miguel’s friendship go back much further and in around 1999 (I) Nathan joined the madness. Chris and Miguel produced a public access TV show called Sniffles (sniff!) then started an audio show (before ‘podcasts existed’). Nathan joined not too long after that. A couple of years after that the next public access show was produced called by the same name of the audio show: According To Whim. The Blog followed after this when our Yahoo! group needed expanding. As a sort of side project to our creative endeavors Chris and Nathan opened a comic/card/collectible shop around 2004. A second season of According To Whim was mostly complete when a hardware accident crushed those dreams. Another creative endeavor Chris and Nathan worked on for years are various games. After that the creative flow waned and has been quite frankly at a trickle. We have hopes to reinvigorate our joint creativeness but until then, please enjoy this site. It gots:

  • Enjoy:
    • Audio Shows: Going back to 1999.
    • TV Show info: Covering Sniffles (sniff!) and According To Whim (most of it is on YouTube as well).
    • Blogs: Going back to 2009 (transferred from BlogSpot).
    • Info on our games.
    • Written articles that Chris wrote.

I hope to add more to this site as a way to continue to commemorate our friendship and keep the material safe and off of my PC hardware (which can be problematic as you will read about when it comes to Season 2 of the show).

We have begun adding our Audio Shows to the website. Enjoy!