About US


ATW Productions is the registered business of Nathan Stout. Through this entity he and his friends Chris McGinty, and Miguel Cruz work on various creative projects. Mr. Cruz and Mr. McGinty have co-produced: the Sniffles (sniff) public access show which aired in Fort Worth, Texas between 1997 and 2001 on Fort Worth’s Open Channel 46. The According to Whim internet talk show which has broadcast over the internet (occasionally) since 1999. In 2004 Chris McGinty and Nathan Stout created According To Whim, the public access show for Fort Worth Public Access Television. Mr. Stout and Mr. McGinty co-own Renegade Anime, a Japanese import model business that sells online and at conventions. The two also write books, scripts, blogs, and design games.


The interviews below are usually silly and nonsensical but they do have some interesting information in them so enjoy their wacky goodness.


Enjoy these ‘photo shoots’ of the According To Whim guys at various dates over the last 15 years.

Contact us: We are always on the lookout for more members of our team. Don’t worry about being good at anything… just be willing to try! You can join our Facebook, Twitter, or email us.