Welcome to the homepage for Zombie Death Force, Go!, our easy to learn card game for 2-4 players!

Our game was on Amazon but Amazon enjoys making it hard to sell real products not made in China, so we were unable to keep it on there for sale. So please go to Ebay for our game here!

The world is dead. A zombie apocalypse has happened. No one thought it could and no one was ready. Governments collapsed. Civilization has crumbled. Now in the moldering ruins of cities, pockets of the living eek out an existence. A struggle to stay hidden… and stay alive.


Zombie Death Force, Go – Players attempt to collect five unique Team members of the same color and five unique Weapons of the same color.

Players draw cards based on the value of their active cards, assign cards to Stacks, discard unassigned cards, and then play Actions before passing the turn.


If you see any issues or want more clarification on a rule, please feel free to email us!

Zombie Death Force, Go! can be learned in less than five minutes and each game combines card placement strategy and skullduggery against your opponent.

Thanks for visiting. This was our first mass-produced game. You can click here to read more about our game designs!