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The Will Smith and Chris Rock Thing That Happened

by Chris McGinty I almost hate to jump on this while it’s so fresh (hmm, were The Oscars in Bel-Air?),…

Audio Show: 1-15-01

Audio Show: 4-27-00

Audio Show: 1-5-00

Audio Show: 3-23-99

Audio Show: 3-18-99

Audio Show: 2-23-99

     Part 2 is the INFAMOUS Wataburger episode. Back at Nathan’s for pinball and cursing at 1:57 in the morning….

Audio Show: 1-17-99

Chris’ explanation of how he antagonizes Miguel and Miguel constant reply of “hi”, mathematical proof of why 2000 won’t be…

Audio Show: 1-15-99

Chris outside the door with Miguel asleep, Chris goes to a payphone, He answers the door groggily and announce that…

Audio Show: 01-12-99

The show begins with a discussion of Cracker Barrel firing policy, red necks, and the bible with lots of spicy…