Hodgepodge Blog #1: Fight Jaw

by Chris McGinty

Let me say by way of introduction that if these two words don’t produce interesting results, I may have to give up on this experiment before I even get started. If you’re interested in what this is, you can go to the Hodgepodge Link Hub. I used a random word generator and got the words fight and jaw, and now I’m going to do some searches.

When I clicked on the word generator website to get the link above it refreshed and the top two words were “horror miscarriage.” I think we are these and other lucky witnesses in this case.

The words “fight jaw” could potentially get violent (I felt like destroying something beautiful), so continue reading at your own discretion.

Wait. That’s not the meme guy who looks like Eddie Murphy. I know because he isn’t pointing at his brain. You know he was born that way, where his arm doesn’t move and he’s always pointing at his brain. He was born before God created swivel action.

I really should have just written my thoughts down about this without going to look it up, but it seemed to be from an actual article. I couldn’t help myself. I’m not sure that $600 is worth this kind of nonsense. Even for as broke as I am, I’m not sure I’d straight up punch someone in the face over it. I would certainly act like a rude prick to that person until they paid up. I did that for over a decade over $20, so I know that if it was $600, I would be very rude. Given how much financial help my dad gave me in my youth, it’s a good thing my dad isn’t violent.

Remember my rule about quotes. If you haven’t done your own research, then maybe it’s not a real quote. We won’t get fooled again.

Roger Daltrey is the lead singer of The Who. I do wonder about this. I got into a lot of fights when I was a kid. I feel like I have a tendency to just keep pushing no matter what kind of shit life throws at me. I’m sure there are things that might break me, but nothing has fully broken me yet. Is there a correlation between those things? Am I going to end up sounding too much like Jordan Peterson if I question it?

Foster the People – Broken Jaw

I did a search for “jaw fight song.” This is the first thing that came up on the Google search. This is what I mean by sometimes you don’t get something that includes all the search words. The lyrics do include the words “Every day I’m fighting,” so it’s legit. The screwy part is there is an artist called Jaw with a song called “Fight,” but it was on Apple Music. I’ll link it, but I’m not going to listen to it on Apple Music. I tried to find it on YouTube, but simple band names are a thing of the past. I’ve never heard this Foster the People song before, but I’ve liked everything I’ve heard from them so far, and I really like this one too. It’s almost derivative of their own work in some way (more like Pumped Up Kicks to the Face), but it’s a good solid song.

Ok. Before I continue. I got a much different search result from YouTube when I was signed out than I did when I did the same search while signed in. This creates an interesting question if I’m doing randomized stuff here, which is how randomized do I go? Normally when I do a search like this, I’m signed in, so I guess I’m used to those kinds of results. So do I go with the one that’s not tailoring my results to fit my past activity. In this case, it’s a guy getting his jaw broken in an MMA fight (which is what I expected from that search) or a video from Doctor Mike that answers questions, including whether or not jaw trainers work. My instinct is that I’m usually signed in when I do these searches, so I guess that’s what I should do, so Doctor Mike it is.

Doctor Mike – Do Jaw Trainers Actually Work? | Responding To Comments

One of the questions he deals with is whether or not cold weather causes you to get sick. He says that it’s not direct. There was an article that I read a while back that suggests that the inner temperature of your nose during colder weather may allow for viruses to survive that might not if your nose was warm. Anyway, the short answer about whether or not to use the jaw trainers is, “No.” The basic idea is that you can overdo it, and that’s really the thing about working out any part of your body. It’s possible to overdo it.

5 Encouraging Facts About a Jaw Fracture: Pacific Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (pacificoms.com)

That title reads like “5 Reasons You Should Go Get Your Jaw Broke Right Now! #75 Might Sucker Punch You”

I wrote a piece of flash fiction the other day and I had to go on memory as to how long it takes for a broken jaw to heal. According to this article, it’s about 6 to 8 weeks, which means that even if the story itself wasn’t very good, I at least didn’t include a factual error about broken jaws in it.

So what was the point of this? Eh. Who knows? I can tell you that I’m probably going to write a second part to this just to deal with some of the thoughts I had while writing this. I doubt this will be the thing that five years from now someone will be asking me where I got the idea for my bestselling novel, but my thoughts certainly went in different directions. The difference here is that I didn’t just think about the concepts, which can be beneficial in its own way. Writing my thoughts on these things focused my reactions. It’s just different I think I’m going to enjoy writing this kind of post.

Chris McGinty (not pictured here) is a blogger whose thoughts are such a muddled mess that this kind of thing is really the ideal thing for him to write. Listen, if Doctor Mike can make a video just answering questions from the social web then I can write whatever this is.

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