Flash Fiction: Backwards from One-Hundred

by Chris McGinty

The full moon was up over the horizon. The transformation had begun. Where once there was the smooth skin of a young man, large amounts of hair and fur slowly took its place. His teeth became more canine and his body soon became that of a wolf. This was always weird to him when it happened.

It was much like the time he had his jaw wired shut after breaking it, who knows how, while in his wolf form. When they applied the anesthesia they told him to count backwards from one-hundred. Then he woke, seemingly seconds later, with his jaw wired shut. It was awkward three and a half weeks later explaining why the wiring would have to come off early.

From then on every time that he changed he would start counting backwards from one-hundred, and then, seemingly seconds later, he would wake up with the taste of human blood in his mouth.

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