I Was in Between Naps When I Wrote This

by Chris McGinty

It seems like when you set priorities and goals, and you’re accomplishing those things, that time passes much quicker than when you’re numbing your mind to pass the time. Does this seem a little counterintuitive? Maybe it’s just this week. Maybe this isn’t how things normally work. People talk about getting into the zone where you look up from highly focused work and find that three hours has passed. Is it possible we’ve been doing it wrong all this time and that mind numbing tasks really just make us more bored and ready to go the fuck home? Sorry. I may or may not be writing this at my job. (I’m not. You see, I’m keeping you on your toes. You thought I was being witty when I was being ironic and I bet sometimes you think I’m being ironic when I’m being witty. You just don’t know what to think do you? (I feel a bit like I’m trying to be Sarah Silverman at the moment.)) Maybe I’ve been sleeping too much.

Me: Is it because you’re always watching a looming deadline? Is that what the problem is? I have three hours to write a blog post.
Also Me: writes three sentences
The Clock: You know that two and a half hours has passed, right?

Since I don’t know how to make memes, that’s all you get.

Chris McGinty was so tired today. Why did he think it was a good idea to stop sleeping for a while? He just wanted to go back to bed so bad. Why was he awake? It seemed like a dumb choice on his part. He could have just slept more. Oh, and he’s a blogger. I think I forgot to yawn mention that.

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