Rock N Roll Church

The wife and I are Church Shopping and we visited a church that was more like a rock concert than anything else (I guess this is so because I have never been to a concert). When you walked in, loud ‘rock type’ christian music was blairing; there was a full band, dramatic lighting, and even smoke. It had a very concert vibe going as well (I am assuming). Anyway the wife likes it so I might be going to a concert every weekend.

Oh yeah, and the youth pastor is Loren’s ‘good twin’

2 thoughts on “Rock N Roll Church

  1. Loren's "Good Twin". That was good!!! I'M STILL LAUGHING OUT LOUD AT MY DESK!!! I'M GONNA HAVE TO SHUT THE DOOR!!!!
    I really should'nt be having this much fun at work!

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