Let Me Slip Into Something a Little Less Mainstream

by Chris McGinty

Ok, I think I’ll take a quick break from solving the world’s problems. I worked forty hours over the weekend, so I haven’t had a chance to cause a comparable amount of problems yet. Can’t make things lopsided you know.

I watched “Ghost World” tonight. It was quite good. It’s based on a comic book, which I guess the truth is, I’ve never heard of until now. It stars this person named Thora Birch, who I guess the truth is, I’ve never heard of until now. The interesting thing about Thora Birch is that she looks nothing like herself, not if you think she looks like the Enid character. You search pictures of her, and you can tell it’s the same person, but it’s just kind of not her. And I guess the truth is, I’ve never seen anything she’s been in until now. There’s a whole subsection of pop culture that I was unaware of, and it revolves around this actress somehow.

The movie also stars Scarlett Johansson and Steve Buscemi, both of who I’m familiar with, and both of who are in movies that have influenced me creatively recently. Johansson is in “Lost in Translation” which is a great movie with a great soundtrack. I seem to be the only person who thinks so, but whatever. I got the feel of an hour and a half long music video, which clearly appealed to me. Buscemi is in “Living in Oblivion” which I watched earlier this year, after seeing a small portion of it years ago. It’s funny movie about trying to shoot a movie. Yeah.

I sort of want to shoot a movie. Yeah.

There are times that I wonder why I bother with mainstream anything, which I know is sort of a silly thought, because I like a lot of mainstream things. I think I just sometimes get more enjoyment out of things that aren’t made to appeal to the largest audience possible. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. I just know I’m not going to question it too much as long as I’m entertained. I guess I just feel a sense of profound regret when I watch something as good as the movies I’ve mentioned here, and realize that I did in fact sit through Transformers. I’m glad I learned my lesson with the first one. Yes, I thought the first Transformers was good, but comparatively…?

Just excuse me. I get in these moods sometimes. I get over it soon enough. I’ll probably have a Seth Rogan fest by the end of the week.

Until then here is some music that you all should probably like, even if you don’t.

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