Every little bit helps?

Ok, here is a story of disgust, resolution, trail, failure, and eventually learning. All of which leads to basically a savings of 96 bucks a year.

I hate waiting for a haircut. Procuts is always so packed so I found a less packed hair place near work. I try to go and get there when no one else is there, in and out in a jiffy.

I have short hair. It’s an easy cut; #5 on the top, #4 on back and sides, trim up sideburns, and square back. That’s it. It take like five minutes to cut my hair so I hate waiting for that long to get seated.

Anyway one morning I went first thing when they opened. Apparently there were 2 people already there (one waiting). She said it would be about ten minutes then eight minutes later she says one of the people is running late and could I wait another thirty minutes…

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I said no thanks and decided that was the last time i’d go there.

I have been wanting to cut my own hair for a few years now but I knew I’d have to get Candice’s help so I had been putting it off. I finally bought a kit for 28 bucks with all sorts of stuff in it and we started cutting it at home.

On the second cut I decided to use the side/ear trimmer bit that would make the hair around my ears on the side shorter. Oops. It cut them wayyy tooo short. My hair looked really bad. Finally a couple of days later my boss trimmed up my rough looking hair (Candice couldn’t bring herself to mess with it more) and it looked fine, no more mullet look.

I won’t use that trimmer piece again and the next haircut I do will officially be ‘free’ since the first 2 cuts paid for the trimmer.

Sure it will save the me the cost of 6 haircuts a year which is only about 96 bucks, but it also saves on the time I’d have to wait and the wear and tear on a vehicle to go and get it cut.

Like not taking my shirts to the laundry anymore, this haircut economy will help (even if its only in the long run).

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