Why I don’t want Obama’s Universal healthcare

1.) I don’t care that not everyone is covered by healthcare. Sorry, it’s the truth.
2.) I don’t want more government bureaucracy.
3.) I don’t want more taxes.
4.) I don’t give a crap how corrupt or ‘evil’ insurance companies are. It has never affected me. Even if it did, I would simply go to some other insurance company.

Now for the debatable stuff:

I truly believe that most people don’t care that not everyone has healthcare. I think the current administration is simply doing it for votes. votes=power=money

I don’t think the government will get it right this time (like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Post Office). They will run a bloated, inefficient program. Wasting even more taxpayer money.
That’s fine an all (the inefficient programs they are running) BUT this will be dealing with people health and lives, not letters, and money.

If they pass it. I see a republican congress and Presidency next election. Not only will you have the fencers turning their backs on the democrats but you will probably see a lot of retribution from the insurance industry. I am guessing they are powerful and they have lots of money to play against the democrats.


I have realised that my silver lining (or protection) from the future money grabbing of ANY party run government is my Jedi Cannon. I have already done (and lined up) $4,000 in charitable work that will go against my taxes. I will just keep doing this to it’s maximum each year.

Doodad indeed.

More like power anti-government weapon.

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