Man, Why You Uh, Uh, Uh

by Chris McGinty (though I’m not sure why I’m admitting to that)

We didn’t do the meeting so much tonight as we did a game night. Loren, who can be seen briefly in Season Two with a lot less hair than he has now, rode out with me and we had a game night. I won. That’s the simplified version of it I suppose, but whatever.

We played a mini Net Runner Tournament, which I’ll write up in the Net Runner group. We also played a game called Marshmallow Mateys, or Sword and Skull, or something like that. The whole game was nullified by a series of errors we made. I was red damn it! And they moved Nathan as red. We corrected that quickly enough, but then we ran into other issues as poor rules management went. And I’m not talking about something complicated like getting a turn order reversed because of an optional rule that changes the order of events in time sequence by roll of dice and role of character, or some rules nonsense like that. Nope. Our pirates were simply entering the cave where it was clearly marked “Exit.” Cos we’re dummies, arrrr!

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