Some tips this time

by Nathan Stout

Well this is According To Whim…

I’m writing this post because I have been busy getting our house ready to see in April. Today I was texturing and painting the room next tot he ‘Library Room’. You can see the room (it’s the one with the television across from the big chair) on Season 2 at many points. What’s all this about? I’ll tell you… painting.

I start a project and come to some understanding on how to do something very efficiently (after getting halfway through the project) and then totally forget when I start a similar project. Case in point: Painting… After starting and gaining little ground cause I am having to do second and third coats it dawns on me that I figured out how to avoid this last time I painted… Thicker paint!

So here is a little tip that will save you TONS of time while painting. Use a lot of paint. Slap it on thick. Don’t try to spread it out too much. You will be amazed when you get the work done in half the time. Also, do all the fiddly bits first. The corners, the trim, everywhere your roller won’t get to. It’s a lot easier doing the hard stuff first. You get real tired of painting when you do the rolling first then realize you have to do all the fiddly bits. Hope my tips help.

Pretty random right? Well like I said this is According To Whim.

The room got painted the exact same color so if we have to do re shoots for season 2 it won’t really matter. I basically patched all the holes, textured (to cover the fact that there are patched holes) and then painted.

Here is another tip. They say painting is the best ROI (return on investment) you can do when getting a house in top shape to sell. As of this point I have painted nearly (if not exactly) half of the house. I am hoping to cash in on all that ROI.

Peace out!

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