Thursby Meading

by Chris McGinty

That’s my new name for Nathan. I’m gonna call him Thursby from here on out. Not really.

Well tomorrow is Thursday again, strangely just after Wednesday again. Crazy. Nathan and I will be getting together, and doing what we probably should have been doing last week, but you know what? We had a good time last week.

As Nathan talked about in yesterday’s blog, we will be attempting out first live podcast. Nathan called me last night, lucky he didn’t call me during American Idol, and we did a test. It’s funny that using whatever camera he was using seemed more complicated than your average webcam, but I’ve never used a webcam for talking. I might be wrong about that. I’ll certainly have to ask him about the process.

So let’s talk about show prep for a moment. I used to listen to a lot of talk radio, and was consistently amazed that these people could fill four hours and never run out of stuff to talk about. Howard Stern and Russ Martin used to actually go over their allotted time.

I did realize that one reason for this is because most talk shows take phone calls, and in some ways I wish we could. On the other hand our shows were only ever 45 minutes to an hour and a half, so I started doing show prep with the hope that if we started to run short on talking points before the time ran out that I would have a list to refer to that I could spark a new conversation.

I sort of stopped doing show prep after a few shows in which Nathan and Miguel caught a rare disease called Riceswitzeritis which makes you sit there and be a douche and refuse to talk. Nathan and Miguel had a rare strain though where they were able to talk but it was only to say, “What do you have on that list of yours?” Their brains would then shut down until I read from the list. Then they would ask again, “What do you have on that list of yours?” Then when I finally ran out of things to talk about they would develop a Tourette’s style affliction in which they would spout off gibberish about me not having enough show prep.

Oh well, I’m done giving them shit, for now. I will likely write up some show prep tonight, and maybe Nathan will too, but my hope is that we engage each other in a normal conversation as we would upon seeing each other without a podcast running, and use the show prep as a means of keeping the dialogue going rather than as a crutch.

I realize that it’s unlikely we’ll see many of you tomorrow night as we podcast the first in this series, but if you’re reading this and we’re still doing it, I hope to see you at the next one we have coming up… though we won’t see you as much as you’ll see us.

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