My Weekend Alone – Day Three: The Snowstorm I Created

by Chris McGinty

I may have mentioned that I started my weekend alone with Nathan moving… what? OMG! Ok, hold on.

It’s a Sony brand (because I so loved their contests!) Mini-Disc Multi Track Recorder, and the Model Number is MDM-X4 Mk2. The owner’s manual is copyright 1998, so it’s considered to be antiquated I’m sure. Can I get back to my story? Thank you.

So we were moving stuff, and as we cleared out the back of my truck we lowered the tailgate, and I noticed that wedged down between was my ice scraper. When we had our great snowstorm of last time we had a snowstorm, I used it, and must have set it in the bed of the truck.

Now I honestly can’t remember doing this, but I set the ice scraper in the bed of Nathan’s truck, because I guess it was safer there than in my glove compartment. Later Nathan saw it and he said, and this is exact quote perhaps a little tweaked, “Say homez, can I get a wut, wut cos I ain’t sho wut dis here hunk of plastic is.” I looked and it was my ice scraper. I explained what I knew about how it got there, which was nothing.

As we parted ways, I grabbed the ice scraper and told him, “I might need this because of the pending snowstorm.” And we laughed. Oh lord how we laughed, because we just didn’t know. (speaking softly) We just didn’t know.

Ok, that might have got a bit heavy handed. Sorry. The reason why we were laughing was because we were moving stuff in our short sleeve shirts, and if either of us really wore shorts I’m sure we would have been in shorts too. We were running our air conditioners as we drove our vehicles. And we were in danger of breaking a sweat as we moved a few heavier things.

Needless to say, it was kind of odd when later that night I found myself turning on the space heaters at my house again. It was even odder yesterday after I posted the blog mentioning that it was cold again when I signed into Facebook to find a picture of Nathan’s yard with snow in it. I walked over to my window and sure enough there is snow falling. And I remembered the ice scraper that it seemed now might come in handy.

Anyway, I guess it’s a good thing I had that tale to tale, because the roommates are home now, and my third day alone is a bit anti-climatic (at least as far as you know.) I did go see a few good bands play last night, but as that goes it sort of doesn’t count, because I can do that even when the roommates are home. Oh well. It was a good time. And it sort of netted me a trilogy of blogs.

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