Season 3 – Like Gone with the Wind…

Will end up like Dukes of Hazzard.

If you get that line then good for you.

Last Thursday Chris and I began shooting Season 3. Actually we should have started the Thursday before but I wasn’t ready for all that yet.

In Chris’ “10-Week Goal Plan” (patent pending) we decided to get episode 1 of season 3 finished and posted to the net. This would require us the shoot three ‘screen minutes’ of footage each week (during our weekly Thursday meeting).

Now three minutes doesn’t sound like much but when you consider setting up, angles, messups, and such it turns into quite a long time. Since we didn’t do anything that first week we needed to play catch up and shoot six minutes of footage. I think we got it and then maybe another minute or so.

Season 3 is a lot more silly than season 2. It has strangeness in it that make it more like a traditional public access sketch comedy show than season 2 did. With that in mind while were shooting we added some extra silliness into scenes that extended them. For instance in the first scene Chris comes to Nathan’s house to ‘make up’ and get back to some creative work. Chris knocks on door, Nathan let’s Chris in… that’s whats in the script. When we were shooting I had the idea that Nathan would be feeding his fish. My fish are rather overgrown so then I had the idea that one of the fish should jump out of the tank and Nathan would fight with it. We have a fish shaped pillow so I used that and we drug out this whole Nathan/fish wrestling scene. That’s what we did to extend scenes (and make them more comical).

Chris forgot that it was Thursday yesterday so we didn’t get together. He is going to try to come over this weekend, if not then we will be shooting another six minutes next Thursday. I must admit it would be a lot easier just to shoot three minutes of footage a week but things will happen and hopefully we won’t have to shoot nine or more minutes some day. Then it would be like Dukes of Hazzard.

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