Halfway Point and a Prompt Exercise

by Chris McGinty
The halfway point for the ten-weeks is coming up. Monday starts week six. I know we’ve completely dropped the ball on many of our goals. Still it hasn’t been a total loss yet.

Nathan feels he has a long way to go on sorting his three cases of Cyberpunk cards. He opened everything up though, so I’m not sure if he’s not sure if he’s surely halfway through or not so surely. As for me if I spend Saturday and Sunday sorting one more box out of my second case, and then complete the task of putting all the cards into order in a 4,000 card box, then I will be at halfway exactly.

Season Three is going well. I think we’re having fun, and hopefully the footage will work well. The main thing here is that we need to get it edited. Nathan, yeah I’m talking to you, if you can get the footage encoded, you can give me some of it to work with. I’ll do what I can with it, which will give me a chance to get used to the new version of Premiere, and then I can hand it back to you to clean up.

I haven’t looked for an event staff job yet, but my employment situation has changed significantly, so that goal is dead for now.

We kept up with the daily blog with only a little bit of issue. Next Saturday, as long as I’ve figured everything right, I will deal with our daily blog right here on our daily blog. Should be exciting. I personally need to approach the second half of this ten weeks with a focus on writing though. I still write everyday, but I’ve not done a whole lot of work on any of my goal specific writing. This needs to change. I have also not done any work on compiling the messages from the private group for Nathan and me to review.

Nathan is still trying to sell the house, and I don’t know what’s going on with the VW Beetle. He wrote about it earlier this week, and it sounds like it’s still in the shop. Neither of us have found the self-titled Information Society CD, though I’m not sure that was an actual goal. Hmmm.

Ok, looked it up, and it is on the update list. I think Nathan said that the storage goal was a dead goal, and I don’t know what’s up with the college thing. Meanwhile, I’ve done very little for starting to sell on eBay, and I think things are less organized.

Finally as joint goals go, I know that we sold some more stuff through the Cyberpunk store, but it was to an established customer, so I don’t know if that means we’re heavily promoting it. And apparently we’re trying really hard to go gamble. Who knew?

As a quick added bonus, I did a prompt before that was “Design a perfect day.” Go ahead, take a few minutes to write your thoughts about that before you continue on. Take as long as you need in fact.

As I stated in the last “prompt blog” when I did these I was adding the phrase “As this pertains to According To Whim.” Since looking at this one was what made me realize our halfway point was coming up, I’m just going to leave the “mad dash” typing as I typed it, and you can read it. So, Design a perfect day as this pertains to According To Whim.

For ATW? Well it would involve not having to ask off our regular jobs, because it would be our regular jobs. It would involve goal setting and accomplishment. It would involve creative, promotion, and the occasional break to play games. In fact it would probably include testing the games we were creating.

But this may be more of a daily ideal. Right now I think perhaps a perfect day for ATW would be to set aside a Saturday or Sunday. I would stay over at Nathan’s the night before and/or have a clear plan of when he’s to call me rather than “Oh well I thought I’d let you sleep in til noon because I wanted time to play Secret of Monkey Island.” We would set out and do absolutely everything that we still needed to do in order to complete the principle shooting of Season Two, and we wouldn’t call it quits until we did. The reason this would be a perfect day is because it’s a project we’ve sat on for too long. It’s time to move on, yo.

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