Mary, Mary, Why You Buggin’?

I was going in a particular direction with my response to Chris’ response to my lyric rant, but Chris’ little bitch ass HAD to have my analysis of his poem RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!! No wonder Spambot 2000 is pissed at him.

For Mary, Whoever She Is

A moment with the text book
And an index card in the glossary
All too much time in the bathroom
With a mirror, screaming Mary
I want you
I want you to take it all away

The first thing that came to mind was the Bloody Mary legend. If you look at a mirror and chant “Bloody Mary” repeatedly an apparition will appear and kill you. Perhaps this is the meaning of “take it all away.” “Bloody Mary please come and kill me.” As for how the text book relates to this, funny thing that word “text book.” Technically, almost all books contain some text, but that particular term usually means a book used in school. If Mary and the mirror refers to Bloody Mary, what’s the relationship to the book? Maybe it’s a history book with a reference to Mary I the Queen of England who earned that name after her work killing Protestants. Reading this reminds the speaker of the legend who decides to give it a whirl.

And she never listens
Once the past is rewritten
She’ll never see the signs
Or how we all were smitten

The first line of the next verse fits in with the Bloody Mary idea because no matter how much you chant it, it will not actually happen. Hence, she never listens. The notion that is is referring to Bloody Mary breaks down after that however. The rest is fairly broad ideas, things being done and reacted to without knowing what precisely is being done or reacted to. Signs of what?

This is what it’s like
To be in denial
This is how it feels
To be in denial once more

One can be in denial about a lot of things. Usually when one is said to be in denial they are trying to pretend that something is true that isn’t true which is adverse to them (i.e. their own mortality, the death of a loved one, sinking fortunes, etc.). But it’s unclear what the speaker is in denial about.

Took a moment with a password
And a list of favourite sites

In this day and age, a site is more likely to spring to mind a website than a physical location (i.e. the site where an event occurred, where a building sits, etc.). In conjunction with a password that seems more likely.

All too much time in the kitchen
Cooking up something for Mary
And I want her
I want her to eat it all today

What is being cooked, I don’t know. The title seems to indicate that he doesn’t actually know Mary, but he’s cooking something for her. Is this a literal act? Is Chris working at Papa Hut making a pizza for a customer named Mary?

My ultimate conclusion is that there is a unifying concept underlying this piece even if it’s unclear exactly what it all really means. I base this solely on the fact that Mary and her personal pronoun make an appearance throughout. Who she is and what Chis is on about, (shrugs).

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