What part of ‘illegal’ don’t you understand?

by Nathan Stout

Arizona is taking steps. They are being lambasted by most but what they are doing is fine by me. Let me get some bullet points out of the way first:

  • I am not racist. I grew up in a mostly hispanic/Mexican American neighborhood.
  • I like Miguel (although Chris keeps insisting he is black).

So Arizona is cracking down on illegal immigrants. They are arresting and deporting illegal aliens. Let’s start out by defining what an illegal alien is. I will use Wiki-Miguel-Pedo since that’s the only source Miguel trusts:

  • An alien who is present in a country (which is foreign to him/her) unlawfully or without the country’s authorization is called an illegal alien.

To me that is the whole argument. I don’t care if they run everything. If they build our roads, take care of our kids, make our food… and do it all cheaper. That doesn’t make it right.

Now, in all honesty I don’t care that they are coming into the country illegally. What I (and probably what most opponents) feel is that they are cheating the tax system. They are a burden on us tax payers. I feel I am paying enough for all those who are on welfare and such and I don’t need to pay more). Are they coming here to cheat the tax system? No, they are looking for a better life. I understand that… but once again that doesn’t make it right.

Amnesty? Fine, make sure they are paying their due taxes. Sure, it’s going to piss off those who went through the trouble of getting here properly, but oh well. True, its like you are rewarding those who broke the law but I can tell you now I bet most will not seek the amnesty if it’s offered (either out of fear because of ignorance of what it means or they just don’t want to have to pay taxes and such).

One more thing you can get rid of the whole argument that goes: ‘well, you are technically an immigrant‘. Whatever. This is not a perfect world. Taxes need to be collected to maintain all that is maintained, and if I have to pay them, so does everyone else!

Illegal is illegal

What will this all mean? If we deport and scare off illegals what will happen? Prices will go up? Probably. That’s the cost of doing honest business. The argument that no one wants the jobs that illegals do so it’s no big deal is silly. That was an argument from years ago. Ask that now that we have nearly double digit unemployment.

You cannot discount the positive and negative effects of having illegal aliens in our country, but you can do the right thing and stop it. Why are those who are trying to do the right thing being smeared? ‘Compassion!’ I hear my liberal friends shout… at what point do we let compassion cloud what is legal? We have one thing to follow, the law. If we cannot follow the law what do we have to guide us? Where will it lead us? Why is the law there in the first place?

Just sayin

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