Running Out of Blog Ideas

by Chris McGinty

I guess I have to actually bash on Nathan now. He claimed in his comment that I was bashing him with yesterday’s blog post. Seriously Nathan, if I was going to bash you I could do better than call you Equipment Queen. Give me some credit, man. I thought we were friends. I thought we respected each other. But no. You actually think I was bashing you with that lame crap. Please. That was me being supportive. Even Chuck Norris cries when he thinks I’m going to bash him.

Ok, anyway. I’m not actually running out of ideas, just for the record. I’m working on three reviews right now that are in various states of completion (one is a two parter.) I sat down last night to work on another idea, and I ended up writing an article about forced creativity, which I will clean up in a day or two and post up in my column on the site, since it’s sitting at almost 3,000 words. That came about from an idea that I’ve had since the beginning of March that I needed a direction for. The odd thing is I was writing something else when I realized I had my direction.

I have a recent file that I created for the purpose of writing down blog ideas and fleshing them out that is sitting at almost 1,000 words of ideas in various states of fleshyness. Not to mention other files that I have with notes that need some place to put them (although I can think of some place for Nathan to put them.) Really, “He called me Equipment Queen. How could he bash me so?” Lest I be misunderstood, I’m not bashing you now. I’m merely making fun of your naivety.

So after I ended up writing a 3,000 word monstrosity that I could either post up as a three part blog post or use as my column article, I still needed something for Wednesday’s post, so I started writing again. One easy way to generate an idea is to write out thoughts of what you’ve read recently, and there were a number of converging thoughts between the three posts I linked, and a mildly amusing anecdote I could tell, so I wrote it out.

On top of this I have a notebook that I’ve written things in when I’m charging my laptop. I’ll show it to you at the meeting tonight, and perhaps we can brainstorm some. I actually talked about it in my last column article. Plus I have a standby idea in case I ever really run out of ideas, which is just to find some videos on You Tube and embed them and discuss them briefly.

The thing is that I do want to be somewhat entertaining with my blog posts, or I could just write pretty much anything. Like this. If you remember I touched on this in my post about idea generation where I had a couple of less than compelling thoughts about cell phone novels, but didn’t really feel like they would be that interesting as a post. Ideas are always there. It’s just a question of writing them out, and making them entertaining enough.

All that said Nathan; you can go back to pushing buttons, but on your camera please. Sheesh. Smile. I’m still just messing with you.

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