The New Ten-Weeks: Off with a Whimper

by Chris McGinty

I’m waiting for it to be time to go get my check. This is probably the first thing I’ve done toward my list since the new ten-weeks started at midnight. I’m not sure what’s up with Nathan. He called me yesterday to say that while he was editing, he knocked over his portable hard drive, and it stopped working. The problem, of course, being that it is tough to backup video because the files are so big, and all the work he’s done on Season Two and Season Three, Episode One is on that hard drive. He says there are services that can retrieve data from a hard dive that has stopped working, but it can be costly.

It’s a fitting end to a ten-weeks of pretty high productivity (you know, if you’re a pessimist it’s a fitting end) and it’s the type of thing that will sometimes stop folks from continuing on the goal path. The truth of the matter is that we should still set some goals, and get to work on them.

I realize that it may seem dumb at this point, but I think we should continue on with Season Three. We should pick up where we left off and start shooting. If we can get the data retrieved then this is just an expensive setback. No need to stop forward momentum.

The ten-weeks goals are just a part of my life. I set them five times a year, and usually get to work. I take about two weeks off at the end of the year to reset the process and get back to it. I will be working on goals either way. Many of my goals will be the same as last time, because I was a little remiss in goal achievement action this last time.

If we haven’t dealt with it in the private group before Thursday, we can have a discussion deciding what to do. In the meantime, I need to get down to the public access office to drop off DVDs, and get my check.

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