The First Thursby Meading of the New Ten-Weeks

by Chris McGinty

Nathan doesn’t seem as beaten down as he did on Sunday when the hard drive broke. He said that he received an email from the company saying that the hard drive arrived and they will be evaluating it soon. He even thinks he may have it back by the next meeting as the average turn around time is 72 hours. On Earth, that’s three days.

Before I go much further, I want to say this right quick. Next week is “Shop Week” Nathan has a five part telling of our time at our short lived comics and cards shop, and I was going to come in over the weekend with two of my own articles. I’m not sure what I’m going to write about yet. Nathan started posting his articles today, because neither of us (or Miguel) had posted anything for Wednesday, and Thursday was passing by. I did have one in the draft section and ready to go, but Nathan had no way of knowing. Unless Nathan objects, I think I’m going to go ahead and post up that and this when I get home and whatever else to finish out the week, and then modify the publish dates on the shop articles to fit when they were supposed to run. Only because I do have material for this week, and it would be nice to run “Shop Week” as a Monday to Sunday thing. Perhaps it doesn’t matter, but you know.

At the meeting we did a lot of talking about a lot of different things, but it was mostly related to our new goal lists. I say new, but mine is mostly the same.

Nathan wished to discuss what we did right and what we did wrong this last time. I dealt with what I thought in a previous post, and he dealt with it a little in his comments. He said he didn’t feel that his goals were passive, even if the action wasn’t as (I’m listening to Tom Petty on Jack FM and the radio edit literally said, “Let’s get to the point and let’s roll another drag” when the word is “joint”… what a weird country we live in) um… oh, even if the action wasn’t as ongoing as my goals were. He’s right. Nonetheless he said he does wish to have a more challenging goal set this time. One which he was talking about was to write 10 new short stories this time around, and I said I’d like to do so too.

I’ll get a full list and discuss anything that needs to be discussed after he posts up the meeting notes to our private group.

Ok, here they are with my notes about them in brackets:

[He also writes for this blog. You may have read some of his work. The following are his solo goals.]

a.) Register for college.

[This is a holdover from last ten-weeks. He misgauged the timeline.]

b.) Get rid of storage space.

[This means sell the house. He doesn’t want to admit that that wasn’t achieved last ten-weeks. I’m just kidding.]

c.) Finish AND post AND get Season 2 on the air.

[In light of recent findings about his hard drive (they say the data is not recoverable) this may be tougher than previously expected. Yes, I wrote this article at two separate times, and got news of the hard drive in between.]

d.) Write 10 short stories.

[Read: Write 15 pages.]

e.) Sell 20 cases of Cyberpunk Cards.

[Then we’ll only have more than 230 cases left, not more than 250.]

f.) Bug Chris about finishing EVERY ONE of his goals.

[As if I don’t finish EVERYONE of my goals. Finish means ignore, right?]

g.) Visit Miguel’s video producer’s meeting

[This is a weird one to me. How is it that Miguel can go to some random producer’s meeting, but not come out to work with us? Further, are these people that do things, or are they people who talk about doing things? Just curious.]

h.) Submit 2 stories to Pill Hill

[I have nothing to say about this.]

i.) Save 1/2 of every amount of cash handed to me

[Sort of a whimsical thought that Nathan had. There was a guy, and I really wish I could remember his name, but he became a millionaire by saving half of everything he ever earned. That’s what I’m going to do.]


[That’s me, and I also write for this blog. You may have read some of my work. The following are my solo goals.]

a.) ATW ‘Tour’

[This is an odd idea I have that involves the website. I’ll have to figure out what to do with it. I’ll at least lean into it this ten-weeks.]

b.) Finish 1st draft of book

[This is a holdover from last ten-weeks, and the ten-weeks before that, and the ten-weeks before that, and the ten-weeks before that, and the ten-weeks before that…]

c.) YouTube Videos for Cyberpunk: to promote store and auctions


d.) YouTube Video for NetRunner: to promote site and group

[Oh! Huh? Not sure why either of these goals are on my list, and don’t know what they are. The only thing I remember saying involving any of this was to get hold of Zvi Mowshowitz by email or something to see if he would join the Cyberpunk group and get the other designers and developers of the game to join.]

e.) Get tapes from Bill Stober

[This is another one that Nathan added to my list. He wants to put Stober’s old Dwight Williams Show on You Tube.]

f.) Write Id vs Chris from the Future sketch

[This is an older idea we talked about. I’ll have to talk it over with me and me.]

g.) Episode 1 Season 3 finished and posted

[See Season 2 notation above. The nice thing here is that I don’t think we’d have to re-shoot any footage.]

h.) Post one ‘long’ article to website each week

[Um, yeah. I still have to send Nathan the last one I wrote.]

i.) Newsgroups consolidation

[Holdover, and one I could easily do at work if I was a little more pro-active at home. But I’m usually just asleep at home, so that doesn’t help.]

j.) Add tags to previous blog posts

[Trace attempt activated. Nope. Failed.]

k.) 10 short stories

[I found it sort of interesting when Nathan picked this for himself, because it’s been a ten-weeks goal of mine before. I mostly end up with ideas that I don’t finish.]

l.) Ebay shit

[Shit! eBay!]

m.) Organize shit

[Shit! Organize!]

n.) post one video that is sitting on hard drive each day

[Nathan makes a presumption here, which is that I have anything on my hard drive at all. As part of, “m.) Organize shit,” I keep my hard drive clear. I only keep relevant files (read: things I’m working on currently) with me at any given time, and everything else is backed up on DVD and locked in a vault in the Arctic. Ok, maybe not that extreme. I started a separate You Tube a while back which was meant to house local band performances. I taped a few shows and then proceeded to not do a whole lot with the videos. As Nathan discussed at some point, the steps involved in posting a video can be daunting, especially when at the time I was working two jobs. Some of the recordings are still on tape while others I encoded and then backed up to DVD. Nathan has wiped my drive since then and I have not messed with it. I guess he wants me to mess with it now.]

o.) Log Blink 182 deck

[This is a Net Runner deck that I created a while back to be funny. It is a Runner deck, and uses the card Blink, and has 182 cards. The deck has been the subject of spirited debate because some believe that a deck that size must be too inconsistent to work. The funny thing is that while it doesn’t win every time (no deck does by the way) it does get setup every time to give it a go. I simply need to make a log of what cards are in the deck.]


[“Both” refers to Nathan and I, and we both also write for this blog. You may have read some of our work. The following are our joint goals.]

a.) Finish and post Episode 2 of Season 3

[Should be fairly straightforward.]

b.) Daily Blog Posts

[Should also be fairly straightforward, but hmm. We’ll get on track again.]

c.) Finish and post and make DVD of Season 2

[Not so straightforward as dealt with above.]

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