The Coming Week

by Chris McGinty

Well, the good news is that I have my three backlog blog posts ready just in time for my week off. It would normally work the other way wouldn’t it? I would have a week off and then find myself having to catch up three days worth of posts with nothing in reserve. Maybe I’m getting things right for a change. I wish it felt that way, but that’s probably coming from some place else in my heart and mind. Having nothing to do with this blog, we’ll just pretend I never even said it. Though it still counts toward my 600 words for the day.

The total of 600 words a day is not really too hard fast of a rule actually. It equals out to about one page of writing, and I try to make each of my posts a minimum of one page. When I had no backlog I realized that if I did a page a day of blog writing, I would have my backlog quickly enough, and I could back off a little. And it worked.

Nathan has decided to take the next seven days to tell you about his time working at Kmart. I’m officially calling it a theme week, because I would like to do a second Kmart theme week in the future. Wade is featured in Nathan’s tale because I believe that’s where they met. I know for sure they worked there together. The way I see it is that if Wade, Miguel, and I all read through Nathan’s tales and write at least an article a piece about any thoughts we have on Nathan’s article, as well as any personal memories we have of shopping at Kmart, then we might be able to squeeze another whole theme week out of it. I bet Wade has his own stories and unique perspectives on Kmart, and could contribute a couple of articles at least. Otherwise, it might suggest that he and Nathan are the same person, and we all know that’s not true.

I had thought about writing a much shorter introduction to Kmart Week at the start of Nathan’s first post, but I realized something that I told Nathan over the weekend was relevant here. He wasn’t sure about the second Kmart theme week, probably because he had nothing to write about as Wade, and said I could always post in the comments section any thoughts I had.

I told him that I usually would use comments to jump off into a full blog post. Why not get a blog out of my thoughts? So why not write the introduction to Kmart week a day early and make a blog out of it? So here you go. [Even though I’m ending up posting it for Sunday on Monday cos I was having some sort of sign in glitch with my Blogger account.]

So enjoy Nathan’s reminiscing, and see if you can remember how to spell reminiscing. I will meanwhile use my time off as wisely as possible. It can’t hurt to have more than three articles in reserve, I suppose, so I’ll have to do just that. Maybe finish up all the partials I have going.

This is under 600 words, but I’ve run out of things to say. See you in about a week.

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