My Week Off from the Daily Blog – Day One

by Chris McGinty

It is June 8, 2010 as I write this, but I will discuss the day of June 7, 2010 as it was Monday, and my first day off from the blog.

Midnight to 6 am – I was at work during this time, because if there is one thing we can all rely on it’s the fact that I will be at my post between midnight and 6 am most nights. I spoke with my long time friend Adam for a while. I suggested that he watch “John Carpenter’s: Vampires” because it’s a good movie, and because it’s the kind of thing he’d like. He found it online, at Google so it’s perfectly valid, yo. We ended our conversation and I did some soul searching, and also some searching for something creative to write. What I finally settled on was my post for Sunday. On Sunday I finished up Saturday’s post about ET for the Atari 2600, and experienced some sort of issue with logging into the site. Yeah, Google can mange to keep their movies going, but not their blog site. I’m kidding. I know things happen. Since I was unable to post anything I hadn’t written the Sunday post. I wrote it, and then called Adam back. He had finished the movie, and agreed that it was a good movie, more action than horror, but at least no sparkly goobers who are allergic to vaginas.

6 am to Noon – The truly ironic part of my first day off from the blog is how much time I spent on the blog. It’s like a working vacation. And don’t get me wrong, I did plan to do some work for the blog during this time. I’m in a basic position of not only current but a few days ahead. I don’t want to squander that position. It’s just that I still couldn’t get signed in and the Blogger site still wasn’t showing any indication that they knew what was going on. I called Nathan to tell him, and he of course had no issues getting on. I went to turn in my time sheet and get my ultra-reliable work schedule. “Oh, Mr. McGinty, your schedule is going to change this week. The [ultra-reliable] post is over later this week. You’re definitely working Monday to Thursday. I’ll call you and let you know when else you work.” Thanks for completely invalidating the Midnight to 6 am paragraph. I went to the Public Access office and dropped off DVDs, since it was closed last Monday. Then I went to the bank and cashed my paycheck, since it was closed last Monday. Then I went to pay my storage shed, since I’m not sure if it was closed last Monday or not, but the payment wasn’t due until this Monday.

Noon to 6 pm – I checked in one last time to Blogger, and while it still wasn’t working for me, they had posted up that they were aware of isolated, regional issues with connection to the server. I went to sleep. At some point my work called and said I would be working Friday as well. Since I don’t remember what I dreamed about, I’ll deal with a dream that I’ve had frequently where my teeth start falling out. I guess having horrible teeth, it makes sense that I would have dreams occasionally where they fall out. I have and online friend from Tennessee though who has nice teeth, and she had a similar dream once a while back. It’s sort of interesting sometimes how we have similar dream experiences, and yet dreams are unique even when they are like others we’ve had.

6 pm to Midnight – So you can imagine that I was a little confused when I woke up and it felt like one of my teeth had broken off in my mouth. It felt like I must be dreaming, but no, I reached into my mouth and the crown that I’ve had in there for over a decade apparently has been rotting away on the inside and it broke loose. So don’t be surprised if a trip to the dentist comes up in this series of posts. I got up and thought about calling my dad to tell him that I might need to take him up on his offer to get my teeth worked on, but I figured it wasn’t going to do any good right that moment. I signed into Blogger, and they finally had it fixed. I uploaded the Saturday and Sunday posts, and then saved my three ready to go, but non time sensitive posts into the draft section. Then I took an hour nap. Then I did a little writing, a little Facebook time, and got ready for, and drove to, work.

My Thoughts on Nathan’s Kmart Kpart One – After reading Nathan’s Part One, don’t be surprised if an editing session comes up in this series of posts. Actually, I’ll be truthful. If that comes up, it will only partially be about Nathan’s post having so many mistakes for so few words. Mostly, I have been going through all the posts and trying to accomplish up to three things. I missed an opportunity when I wrote the reviews of our first 100 posts. I could have gone through and edited all the posts as I re-read them. In fact, I started to do that, but I did the majority of my writing on that post out here at my guard post. I eat Post rather than Kellogg, and I don’t know what I’ll do post writing this post. Maybe go to the post office and mail a letter with a post script. So I’ve been editing the first 100 posts a little bit at a time, because all of our writing needs some cleaning up, and surely my working vacation will be a good time to do that. It’s probably a good time to get started on the “Two Hundred and Counting” post, and while I re-read the posts for review I can edit those as well. Also, as I go through I can add tags to any posts that are currently missing them. You know what? I’ve written over 1,000 words here. I’m going to save some of my thoughts for tomorrow. This way if I have a particularly uneventful day over the rest of the week, I have things to talk about. If the rest of the week is very eventful, I can always come back here and finish up my thoughts after deleting this exceedingly long explanation of why I’m going to stop typing since I’ve typed so much all ready. It’s contradictory since I’m still typing, so it would be reasonable to go ahead and quit now. Sheesh. Over 1,100 words now. Since I’m only really going for 600 words a day dedicated to this blog, this is sort of ridiculous how much I’ve written. Yeah, I had the right idea when I thought that I should stop typing already. I’m going to end up making this too long if I’m not careful. Ok. Put the laptop down. You can pick it back up in a few minutes and take notes about the thoughts you’re saving for tomorrow, but you need to stop typing for today. Please. Oops. Went over 1,200 now. Sigh. Should have stopped typing…

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