A Varied Phone Conversation with Miguel

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

Late Sunday night, the night this should have been posted and why it is in this slot, I had a phone conversation with Miguel. We kept saying, “That would be a good blog topic.” After the conversation, I decided to try to track the course of the conversation as a means to make notes for future blog posts.

The week of July 19 to July 25, 2010, will be a theme week: Game Reviews. July 26, 2010, will be my “Two Hundred and Counting” article reviewing posts # 101 to 200. Beyond that you may very well expect to see some of the following talking points become topics for blog posts. The following is what I wrote after Miguel and I finally hug up the phone:

I just spoke with Miguel. Our conversation went all over the place. I’ll write the various topics in a form of bullet points here.

– Ratt lyrics and the band Enuff Z’ Nuff
– Is Z’ Nuff a real name, odd spelling of names from immigration papers
– Adam Carola has relatives named Carolo

– An explanation of how the posts I’ve written about “The Last Action Hero” led to Nathan talking about how easy it is for him to write a movie review right after he watched a movie
– The idea for joint movie reviews for the blog
– People who should stay together and people who should split
– The movie review thing again
– Death Proof
– Barbarella
– Titanic and Lord of the Rings
– Did Kevin Smith think up the LotR rant on the spot or was it already in his head?
– You know what stories get a laugh from people, so if you were in front of a group of people, you would know what stories you could tell
– Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin, and that just still seems icky.
– The LotR rant (reprise)
– Examples from ATW audio show of things we talked about before as opposed to things that were truly impromptu
– Russ Martin is on the Eagle
– People who worked for Russ Martin hate Russ Martin because he made a ton of money but didn’t buy them lunch
– It’s his money, liberal, he’s not obligated to buy their lunch
– That’s not what I’m saying, it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back, I’ll send you the link
– Dan Lewis and Jonathan Dodge, what was real on that show and who were made up characters
– These guys from another show got fired and explained a lot of what went on behind the scenes at 105.3, I’ll send you the link
– Some of the calls weren’t real so they could discuss other topics
– I gotta go to bed, I work in the morning, I’ll send you the link
– What is your email, I’ll just post it to the newsgroup
– The difference between on screen/on air persona and real life personality
– Jeff Anderson and [Dante] aren’t friends in real life
– While Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are best friends, Smith probably does most of his creative work with Scott Mosier
– We met at JA and twenty years later I’m still keeping you up when you need to go to bed, but other folks I’ve worked with where we seem like best friends just disappear when we no longer work together,
– Abbot and Costello didn’t get along too well, and probably many of the duo teams didn’t
– Danny Devito plays seedy jerks ,but is probably a very nice guy based on how often he works with people again, and based on his long standing marriage with Rhea Pearlman
– I really gotta go to bed.

I may be missing something in there, but that’s most of what I remember. Miguel, if there is anything else add it below. (or put it in the comments section, since this isn’t a draft)

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