Data Backup Plan – Thanks to donors

by Nathan Stout (of

Ok, we are set.
Say goodbye to data disasters for once and all. After all the incidents with the different hard drive crashes and data loss we have had here at According To Whim we now have a nice data back plan in place.

Say hello to the new home of According To Whim (and everything else). This is Sans Digital’s 4 bay raid tower. I purchased this from NewEgg along with 4 Hitachi DeskStar 1 terabyte drives. Once I install the drives and apply the Raid 5 settings we will have 2.7 terabytes of storage with redundant data protection. That is to say that if one of the drives fail the data is not lost. I can replace that drive and the data will be rebuilt on that drive restoring full functionality across all 4 drives.

This along with the new Blu-Ray burner will ensure that no more data is lost. Once the equipment arrives and I get it installed we can start on Season 2 again. We have a ten week goal for finishing up Episode 3 so I will need to get on the ball ASAP. Our ten week ends October 3rd.

I still have the 1 terabyte Western Digital Caviar Green drive (the drive that crashed with all that data on it) sitting in my desk. I can’t bring myself to throw it away. I am hoping one day the data can somehow be recovered.

Thanks to those who gave money to our project!

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