The Dirty Stars

by Nathan Stout (of

We have had six episodes on Public Access Television for several years now. Along with those we have a ‘best of’, ‘Halloween special’, and ‘junk sketches’ episodes on there too. These nine shows are getting old (I’m sure). Since Season 2 is delayed so much I wanted to get something new and fresh out there.

About a year ago I got an email from a guy from Oklahoma who did a show called The Dirty Stars. It is basically sketch comedy. He assembled quite a team (somewhere around 15 people) to be in the show. The sketches were pretty well written and the quality of the video was great. He wanted to see about having us sponsor the show (get it put on our local access channel). I agreed and got him the paper work and submitted it.
It took a long time but we eventually found out we needed 10 people in the Fort Worth area to ‘sponsor’ the show. That really sucks. I let thing sit as I went on with life.
A few days ago I decided to put an idea into action about The Dirty Stars. Since I was wanting to get this show out there and wanted something fresh for our show I decided to basically place his show ‘inside’ our show in our time slot. I decrypted his DVDs and did a little editing in Premier. The show begins as ours (with our titles and such) then his show begins. I added some ‘’ tags in the bottom right corner of the screen a few times throughout the show and then encoded it to disc.
Last week when I moved into Fort Worth I caught our show on TV and noticed it was skipping. I set out to get Chris (who is the person who drops off the show at the public access office) new copies of the master DVDs. I then placed the new The Dirty Stars DVDs into our disc rotation so they are simply ‘new’ episodes of According To Whim.
The Dirty Stars have no web page but they do have a Facebook page so if you want to go check them out tell them According To Whim sent you.

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