Reformatting the show

by Nathan Stout (of

There has been lots of talk between us about getting new content for the show. I have started adding The Dirty Stars to our broadcast masters as well as the SLOW work on Season 2 and the start of Season 3.

Yesterday Chris reminded me of something I totally forgot about. Probably more than a year (or maybe even 2 years ago) Chris and I had this same discussion and decided to shoot some ‘intros’ to sketches. That is to say a short segment where we talk a little about the sketch we are about to show. This would add content in the easiest manner possible. As long as the short segments had just enough entertainment value not to bore the audience. These segment would talk a little about any interesting points about the sketch (or the making of it).

Apparently we shot several of those. I for the life of me cannot remember a single one of them. I have a bad memory so that is no surprise. When we shot them I gave Chris the camera to take home and encode the footage to the PC. He did and he still has them. I totally forgot about the whole project.

I think it is a great idea. Chris said that we could do the segments for our show as well as for The Dirty Stars sketches. By using the intro bits we could really stretch out each episode (and extend our original six episode to maybe eight).

This would also allow me to go back and do some re-editing to remove errors and issues we had as well as update the look of certain parts of the show (titles, music, etc).

This could do for the show what Lucasfilm, Disney, and Six Flags does for it’s movies/attractions; breath fresh life into an existing product. This process would also keep us moving (which is what we need most).

As an additional note which is unrelated to this post (but related to yesterday’s); I designed a flier and printed up some copies which basically ask for help with the show. My thought was to place them at the TCC campuses and other places to attract people. I gave Chris five and I have five and will try to put them in busy locations.

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