The Vacation

By Chris McGinty (

Nathan called me earlier to check in, and I explained to him that we have been on vacation; we just had no knowledge of this until it was over.

The vacation started out of necessity, I think. We got behind a few weeks ago, and I went back and filled in the blanks with older writing we had. In my mind, it made the posts official enough, because it was material that could have been posted at anytime during that downtime. Then we fell behind again. This time I don’t have any material to fill in the blanks with, so I don’t think we should try. Getting caught up last time was partly the cause of getting behind this time. I posted up nine posts, and none of them were moving the blog forward, so we got behind.

The way that the ten weeks goals work is that the first ten weeks starts the Monday before January 1 of any given year. There are five ten week periods. Then there is a vacation until the Monday before January 1. This makes for about two weeks of vacation. Although I’m not sure that we would have stopped writing the daily blog during that time, as the ten weeks go, I’m claiming we took one week early.

Listen, I just need something to rationalize, and this seems good enough.

I’m not sure if we’re coming back reenergized, but I think that by declaring, “Game On!” that perhaps we can get back on task where we haven’t been. The first step is something I discussed before. Three is the new zero. We should each have three posts in the draft section ready to go, and consider it to be zero posts ready. We only use one in the draft section if we write one to replace it.

So what were we doing during our vacation? I’m not too sure either. I did something involving Magic cards and the TV show 24. I’ll discuss this later in the week. I’d like to discuss focus, and the good and bad of the concept. Nathan actually stayed pretty busy on Whim stuff, and wrote a few posts here and there about what he was doing.

I need to write my accounts of the haunted house and the garage sale. I need to finish up the “Some Thoughts” posts I was doing. I need to read more Stephen King stuff, and do a follow up there. I think I’m going to do a series of posts in the near future reviewing each of the a-ha albums. I recently discovered that their ninth album came out in 2009, and I missed the eighth in 2005. I have plenty to write about I guess, so no excuses.

Nathan is working on posts about Afghani cooking tips, population control, and zebras without stripes. Not really.

Anyway, I just wanted to welcome us back from the vacation we didn’t know we were on.

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