2010 – A Personal Year In Review

by Nathan Stout (of AccordingToWhim.com)

2010… It was supposed to be the new greatness. Remember all the rage of 2009…

Yeah, I remember that too. 2010 was to be THE turning point. The point at which our president was to bring ‘change’… It sure seems like it’s been business as usual.

That’s all I am going to comment on as far as political failures, failed economies, etc. Instead I am going to talk about me and According To Whim (our business).

We began the year with the usual set of goals and such. We planned to do great things and as usual we fell short. I won’t say we failed utterly. When I look back it actually turned out to be a better year than 2009 BY FAR. Let’s look at some of the goals and accomplishments we had in the last year:

  • We wanted to have a weekly Thursday night meeting. Sure it fell through many times but for the most part we did get together quite a bit. We played a lot of games and did some actual work too.
  • We began shooting Season 3 and actually got the first episode done (before the big data disaster).
  • I got Season 1 on DVD (which I had been talking about doing for years).
  • I got in contact with Paul and attempted to clear up our debt with him (in relation to the comic books shop we rented space from him for). He still has not taken me up on the offer but I think we mended fences.
  • We attempted (and ‘mostly’ made it) to post a blog for each day of the year. We were only about 100 blogs short of 365. Not too bad. That’s a lot of content!
  • Along with the video we got for Season 3 we also got several Vlogs and some random sketches shot too. I think we did some significant shooting in 2010.
  • Along with all the other stuff we shot, we also shot and completed videos for Hangman’s House of Horrors. This charity venture has connected us with some great people and given us even more experience shooting stuff other than sketches.
  • We did some fairly extensive testing of our NetRunner virtual expansion.
  • In May, I experienced a valuable lesson about backing up data. That lead to a short (but effective) charity drive to get new hardware for backing up.
  • One goal I had was to get my VW Beetle fixed and inspected. I accomplished it!
  • I got a short story published in a book.

There have be other various goals we achieved, some big and some not so big. There were just as many goals we didn’t achieve but there is nothing new there. I feel with all the extra stuff that we did (items not specifically on our goal lists) it made up for some of the stuff we didn’t accomplish.

Even with all the setbacks we experienced like the data crash, the failed jobs, and the failed moves 2010 kicked ass when you take it all into account.

Now the trick will be to top 2010’s success with the upcoming year…

Buckle up buttercup.

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