The Trouble with Day Shifts

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

Is that they take place during the day. Allow me to not pull any punches. I’m not a day person. I’ve worked two twelve hour day shifts this weekend, and not coincidentally, my brain has been shut down the whole time. Couple that with some workers at my post all day Saturday, and I have nothing really to show for my time at work the last couple of days.

I used my phone to do a lot of pointless web surfing. It really felt like I had a TV and a remote and 500 channels and the attention span of something with a short attention span.

I watched some DVDs. I did write a little. I walked around a bit too. But for 24 hours this weekend I was at work, and I have very little to show for it. Stupid jobs.

I have nothing interesting to report out of it either. That’s the other lame bit. If I had surfed the web and come away with a lot of cool information that might be alright. If my thoughts had produced anything worth reporting that might be alright. Well, I did solve all the world’s problems except for one important one. I still don’t know how to get people to listen to me when I have solutions for problems.

And really to make matters worse, I was too tired when I got home to watch the other American Idol that played this week, so I don’t have an American Idol post today. And I’m really too tired now to watch it and then write it. So this is what you get. A lot of nothing to end your week, and about eleven hours late, since we’ve been setting these to post at 8:00 am. I would have posted then, but I was at work feeling miserable.

I think that even though this is a throwaway post, there is probably no better representation of how I feel at the moment than this tired, pointless mess of nothing. Yep, that pretty much describes me this weekend. Here’s too a good week to make up for the least couple of days.

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