Season 2 ‘ The Fix’ Part 5

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Welcome to the fifth part of the According To Whim Season 2 ‘Fix’. The editing I have been doing is in an attempt to rebuild Episodes 3, 4, 5, and 6 of our public access television show: According To Whim (Season 2). Season 3 Episode 1 was also lost so I have included it as well. You can read the first part (and the full story) by clicking on the links above. This will be the next to the last part of ‘The Fix’ where I cover what’s on the tapes.

If you read my last post (part 4) you will notice I said I was missing a scene in Episode 3 where we were getting ready to do our club gig. It is *possible* that this might still exist and is somewhere on the tapes I have reviewed. For the most part I checked every tape but some of the tapes (Season 3 stuff) i saw that Season 3 stuff was on there and I didn’t bother looking at every minute of it. That lost scene was shot much later than the original shoot so it might be somewhere in those Season 3 tapes… time will tell.

Tape #4
This tape has Season 3 stuff on it. I will need to comeback for this when I begin rebuilding (for a 2nd time) the first Episode of Season 3.

Tape #15
This contains the Rosas‘ Cafe contest footage on it. You may remember we won ‘honorable mention’. I got a lot of food with those prizes. The other footage on the tape was from the TRTC contest which ended in Chris pertending to have created and entered the 2nd grand prize video and thus being awarded a big check in front of an audience. That was great!

Tape #16
This video was strange because I didn’t recognize ever recording it. Well I didn’t. The director of the Bariatrics department at work wanted to film the dietitian’s lecture and she needed a tape so I provided her with one.

Tape #17
This tape was full of interviews from October 1st of 2010 that we did at Hangman’s House of Horrors.

Tape #18
The beginning of this tape holds some of Season 3. There is also footage that Chris and I shot on the failed ‘day of shooting at Trinity park‘ which turned out to be a disaster thanks to Hurricane Hermine (which a couple of days later destroyed the wife’s car). That same day (and on this tape) we shot a Vlog in the car while it continued to rain on us. Later on the tape are more Vlogs and the move out scene we shot for Season 3.

Tape #19
Back in 2008 I shot a short video using the (very expensive) diagnostic dummy at work. It’s one of those that talks, has a pulse, breathes, and has a heart beat so nurses can practice on it. Well, it wasn’t used very much so I had my coworker help me and we did a short segment where I walked into a room and it (the dummy) is covered. It is supposed to be me in a dream where Chris is the patient in the room under the sheet. It got edited but lost in the disaster so I will need to re-edit it but it will fit nicely into Season 3 somewhere. Also on that tape are more interviews I did for the TRTC contest, Episode 3 scenes, and a impromptu Season 2 Episode 1 audio commentary track.

Join me next time for the final installment of the tape reviews on: According To Whim Season 2: ‘The Fix’. Peace out.

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