Less than a month until the new phone

by Nathan Stout (of AccordingToWhim.com)

I had a phone. It was a decent phone. My wife and I were on her parent’s Verizon family plan since we didn’t make that much money back then. It was a little folding black phone that kinda looked like a beeper when it was closed up. It lasted me for almost 2 years. Our contracts came up and we were both excited to change out our phones. She got a nice phone that had a keyboard and I picked a Gleam. From the pictures I saw on the website the phone DIDN’T look that girly. It looked real slim (which is what I wanted so I could slip it in my pocket). I was also very excited because it had a better camera than my last phone. I started my other ‘personal’ Blog with words of anticipation about the new phone. You can read about it here (go to the very bottom of the page). That blog was a pretty neat read. I still update it once or twice a week with very brief thoughts.

Anyway I got that phone and took a bunch of pics (as you can see in that blog). The phone was pretty girly looking. It had a silver/gold sheem (which I will state again, you couldn’t see in the pics on Verizon’s site). That phone was fine but I was bemoaning my cool little black phone. So time went on and both the wife and I got into better financial positions and we decided to get phone service for ourselves so we picked up AT&T. She got an IPhone and I bought my boss’ Motorola Tundra. Check out these crazy videos on the military grade Tundra. You can beat the crap out of them and they can take it. The phone was anything but. Well, it was fine if you kept it closed… then it was tough. Open it up and it’s like any other phone. I used the tundra for probably six or eight months and one day I pressed my ear too hard against the top part while on the phone and the hinge cracked. I continued to use it but about three months after that I guess I sat on it wrong and the part that had cracked broke completely off. I paid my boss $100 for that piece of crap… oh well, he paid like $400 for it.

So here I was being forced to get a new phone. Forced I tell you. I went to our AT&T account online and looked at the different phones to get. Turns out I can’t get one at any sort of discounted rate until March 10th. I don’t want to pay those outrageous prices so I decided to get something temporary. I picked up a $15 Go phone and I will wait it out. That is one really good thing about AT&T as opposed to Verizon, the ability to just swap out your GSM card.

Now the whole point of this blog and all that back story was to try to figure out what kind of phone to pick up in March. The obvious answer is an IPhone. My wife has really liked hers and I like messing about with it. The only thing is, is that I have a real problem with doing what everyone else is doing. I really do. Somehow I really do hate going with the crowd. Everyone and their grandmother has a damn IPhone. I like the IPhone and how it works but… geeze I don’t want to do it. One might just think that is some sentiment that many people have (not wanting to be apart of the crowd) but I am having some real issues with it.

Here are my phone choices:

  • IPhone 4 (I just can’t wait until June for the 5)
  • LGQuantum
  • HTC Inspire

My big ‘wants’ in my choice for a new phone are (besides being able to make calls):

  • Good picture taking
  • Ability to look at maps (like google maps)
  • Ability to take notes

All the phones above do these but that damn IPhone does them all so well. I am not too concerned with a phone having 5MP camera as opposed to a 8MP camera. You really don’t need much over 4 (for any reason).

All in all I have a sneaking suspicion I will be going with the stupid IPhone and soon be walking among all the other sheep. Oh well…

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