Feeling Rundown

by Nathan Stout (of AccordingToWhim.com)

Do you ever get the feeling of being rundown? Not just rundown, but run-out. Something akin to begin depressed but you can’t actually say that. That’s what I have been experiencing lately.

Here at According To Whim we usually communicate with each other using a Yahoo! Group. We try to post a few times a week to keep in contact and let each other know what we are working on. A post like this one that you are reading is would normally go into that group as a post but I thought I’d talk with everyone about it today. I think most people get this way every once in a while and can relate.

The fact is that I am not in bad health (that I know). I don’t have massive money problems. I don’t have family drama. I don’t have friend or work drama (at least nothing out of the normal). For some reason I feel generally depressed. That is a big, ugly word and shouldn’t be used to flippantly (which is usually is now-a-days) but it is the best phrase I can find.

I have been battling this for a few weeks now. Chris knows what I mean because we have been having discussions on the Yahoo! Group about it too. I have been complaining about our direction as a group and have been generally avoiding any creative work.

I would have to say that my big issue is lack of interest. I seem to have lost interest in most everything. Like I said I don’t feel bad (per se) but I don’t feel like doing anything. I have no interest in doing anything. Usually I will have an interest in one or two things and be doing a few projects (like stuff around the house or working on the show) but lately I don’t.

I have the feeling that most people get like this from time to time. They run off and get pills to ‘fix it’ and only wind up not feeling anything (they just don’t care about it anymore).

I thought perhaps I need a reboot. You know how computers need to be rebooted every once in a while… people need that too. Most people will tell you they need time off (a vacation or something) but I have never been big on vacations but maybe I need one.

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