Season 2 ‘ The Fix’ Part 7

by Nathan Stout (of

Welcome to the seventh part of the According To Whim Season 2 ‘Fix’. The editing I have been doing is in an attempt to rebuild Episodes 3, 4, 5, and 6 of our public access television show: According To Whim (Season 2). Season 3 Episode 1 was also lost so I have included it as well.

After a rip-roaring start to the whole project I took some time off (weather it was intentional or not). A month or so has passed and I have gotten back on the wagon to fixing Season 2. After reviewing all tapes (I could find) and working on Episode 3 my plan was to continue on with the re-edits.

I had this gnawing feeling that I was missing some tapes though. There were several scenes that we shot that I am 80-90% sure I never recorded over (but that I can’t find). My suspicion is that I either dropped a tape behind something, left it in a closet or cabinet somewhere, or gave it to Chris or Miguel to use or encode or something. Some of that missing footage was shot waaaaaay later and I don’t see any time in which I would have needed to reuse tapes. I have had a surplus for quite some time now. I only ever reused tapes when I just HAD to have something right that moment and even then I believe it was only during the initial Season 2 shoot.

After much cleaning and searching I still have not found any lost tapes lurking in the couch (yes I looked there too). I have decided to push forward and just consider those scenes completely lost and in need of a reshoot.

There are about 8 scenes that we shot and will need to reshoot. The biggest ones are the last Chris/Miguel conversation at the Fort Worth Water Gardens as well as the next to the last scene of the show where Nathan and Chris meet in the Front Yard of the house and reconcile. I basically dumped all the scenes into Premier and matched the missing pieces to the script.

My next step will be to continue the editing process and narrow down the scenes and bits to reshoot. It is getting to be that time of year again that will match the original shoot (nature wise) so by the time I am ready to reshoot the shots will match up fairly well.

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