Trainwreck Idol: Top 8

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

I stayed up to watch American Idol, and I know I’ll regret it later when I don’t get enough sleep, so I’ll make this short, and I might skip editing it. This week it was songs from the movies.

Paul did “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll.” On “year of their birth week” I joked (though not in blog I don’t think) that Rod Stewart had to have had a song out the year of Paul’s birth. That’s all that Paul can do well is Rod Stewart. And I know for a fact that Rod Stewart had a song in “Innerspace.” Some guys do have all the luck, and I’m going to do nothing but complain. Paul sucked. Hope I was clear.

Lauren did some sort of Miley Cyrus song. I think it’s called “The Climb.” She was really good, but by the end of the show I realized that I didn’t really think anyone was all that remarkable. They all played it very safe… except James, who didn’t do anything we didn’t expect, but did it amazingly.

Stephano did Boyz II Men. I never really liked them, and I don’t think he did all that great with the song. It’s called “End of the Road” almost begging to be sent home. See! Even Steven said it. Though he was like, “It’s not the end of the road for you.” Might as well be, because I don’t think he did any better than weeks before.

Scotty… has a good country voice. I’m glad Scotty changed his song choice. He was going to fuck up Harry Nilsson.

Casey did “Nature Boy.” I’ve never heard the song. They gave him crap for not doing “In the Air Tonight,” but that was from a TV show anyway. I think he sang very well, but I don’t know if people will get it.

Haley did “Call Me.” Eh.

Jacob did “Bridge over Troubled Waters.” He took a very gospel take on it. He still has a great voice, but like I said before, no one took chances.

James had the best song pick of the night. Sammy Hagar’s “Heavy Metal” from the movie of the same title. It was “risky,” yes, given that it’s only well known amongst those of us who are fans of the movie. But it wasn’t all that risky, because he was the only one that wasn’t dreadfully boring (regardless of how well they sang.)

Where’s Simon? Seriously? Joke’s over.

My roommate said something last week about how the girls weren’t doing so well this year, and I realized that there are only two left, and we started with seven. Then it occurred to me that there has not been a single guy sent home since the main competition started. Crazy.

So Lauren will go home, not because she’s bad, because she’s one of the best, but because she’s a girl, and Haley falls under the “I suck as bad as Paul and/or I am Paul” protection clause. I’ve gotten to the point that I’m not even going to waste my time trying to guess the bottom three based on performance. Though if I were going to, Paul, Stephano, and Haley, and any of them can go home.

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