Are Birthers Crazy Or Do They Just Scare You 2: Electric Bugaloo

by Nathan Stout (of

Perhaps that should read Electric Boogaloo, not Electric Bugaloo.

Do you remember wayyyyy back when I wrote a Blog about the whole Birther thing and Miguel and Chris proceeded to rip me a new one? I’m not sure they did more than read the title of the Blog because I didn’t stand for or against the issue. I just commented on it.

Anyway so today they finally released it! The Birth Certificate! Then the President has the nerve to call a press conference and chide people who have been raising hell about him not releasing it for more than 2 years. I have noticed that he is really good at that, chiding people. During his speech he said ‘we don’t have time for this silliness’. Really… it appears you started the silliness by not releasing this years ago.

Anyway Donald Trump had a simultaneous news conference. I am starting to like him more and more. I don’t think he would make a good President but I do think he is asking the tough questions. Since he is so popular, the press is giving him air time. In other words Trump is the mouthpiece of opposition. When people like Limbaugh ask the tough questions the media will just ignore him as a radio right winger, but when Trump says something the media is all over him. I have no fear that he would get past the Republican Primaries.

Back to the certificate… if the birth certificate has been released what does this mean? We can put this all to rest, right? Wrong. Those who have been riled up by the whole thing are going to now think it’s phony or something.

Why wait so long if the certificate existed the whole time? Do want to hear my conspiracy theory? I think at first there was an honest delay in getting this out so the whole Birther thing started. I think the WH took advantage of the kooks that came out of the wood work and I honestly believe it was a strategy to keep this fringe element out in front. Its clever politics but it just keeps the divide between the parties going.

Ok, now it’s time to feel good! In keeping with Sid and Marty Kroft…

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2 thoughts on “Are Birthers Crazy Or Do They Just Scare You 2: Electric Bugaloo

  1. Just as a side note I think I learned the REAL reason Obama used today to reveal the long sought after document. I learned that Ben Bernake gave us some fantastically bad news about the economy (go check it on Google) but everyone was more concerned with the circus to notice it. This proves that Obama really is good… at the boondoggle.

  2. Um, why you lump me in with Miguel? My entire response was a paragraph long in a post that was not even about the birther topic (it was about math) and all I said was that it seemed like a nonissue to me. My reason is that it's not as though the birther movement produced proof of Obama's alleged Kenyan birth. They just questioned the documentation he produced when he ran for president because it wasn't made public, not that anybody else's was. I did, in fact, read both your initial thoughts, and Miguel's longwinded rebuttal. I still walked away wondering what the fuss was about.

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