Of Course I Didn’t Have a Blog Post Ready for Today

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

The world was supposed to end Saturday, so why would I waste time writing a blog post. Damn it! Now I have to shoot one off real quick before I go to work. Actually, to be honest, I do have other blog posts ready. I just thought I would comment on the whole topic of Armegrapturecalypse. Hmmm. Spell check says I spelled that wrong. I’ll have to look it up in that Bible thing.

I was never worried about the world ending because I went to church at one point, and I’ve been married to someone who is probably running around right now pointing out the earthquakes, tsunamis, and tornados as a sign of the last days. The truth is that the Bible has some passage (so I’ve heard) that says that no man will know the day and the hour. So if a woman were to predict the last day, I’d start worrying.

Here’s the thing. There were people who were so convinced that Saturday, May 21, 2011 was really the last day that they put themselves in deep financial ruin figuring they wouldn’t have to take their debt with them either. And strangely Nathan wasn’t one of them. We actually did pretty good selling at Comicon (the subject for another blog post I’m sure).

I think the best one was some guy who maxed out all his credit cards to travel, or something. I read this on a Yahoo! article, but I’m going off of memory. Then it was either him, the guy who started an ad campaign to warn everyone of the end, or someone else that was like, “Thousands of people were supposed to be lifted up to Heaven while the wicked were left on Earth to suffer for their sins.” Hmm. That’s what was supposed to happen? Not explosions and lightning smites. Because, how do I put this delicately? I’ve seen my work schedule for the week, and I do feel like I’m suffering for my sins. Maybe thousands were lifted up to Heaven while the wicked were left on Earth. Maybe you weren’t on Santa Claus’s “nice list” like you thought.

The point is that this prediction isn’t the first prediction of the end. We have another one coming up in 2012, and this one will last a whole year. Can’t wait.

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