Trainwreck Idol: Wrap Up

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

I just put on the results show for the finals. I’ve thus far managed to avoid learning who won. I really don’t have a lot to say this week. I want Lauren to win, and that’s about it. The problem though is that they did three songs each on Tuesday, and Lauren was clearly better than Scotty, but none of the performances really stood out as interesting.

The odd thing is that they had two different songs to sing rather than singing the same song their own way. I get the impression that they realized that Scotty wouldn’t be able to keep up with the typical song they write. Thing is that I honestly believe that they gave Lauren an edge by giving her a song that more people could relate to. I guess I’ll find out when I get to the results.

I don’t really have too many thoughts on the performances from Tuesday or even from the results show, except that Judas Priest should have never kicked out Rob Halford, and the whole sketch about most shocking elimination was really funny.

And now that I’m at the end of the show, and I know that they pretended Scotty actually won, I guess I can comment on their clever rouse. It’s like when they pretended Kris Allen won, and then later pretended Lee Dewyze won. I guess we’ll just smile and nod, and pretend that that’s really what happened.

I guess the odd thing about the show is that there is a real let down factor to the finale. I truly don’t think that Scotty was good enough to be there that long much less win, and somehow my enjoyment of the show just slipped away in the last couple of weeks. Part of it is honest displeasure with the performances. It’s hard getting through the shows when you’re not really liking the songs being sung. Part of it is that you really do get an opinion about how it should go, and an occasional slap in the face against your opinion is fine, but this season was one after another things not happening the way I thought they should. I’ve never felt like being a sore loser about the way the show played out before, but I feel it now. You start thinking those dumb things like, “If this is how this damn show is gonna play out, then I’ll just quit watching it.” That’s not likely though. I’m sure I’ll be right back at it next year.

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