Season 2 ‘ The Fix’ Part 11 – Been a long time…

by Nathan Stout (of

Today’s ‘Fix’ concerns Episode 6 of Season 2 of AccordingToWhim. If you remember last time we talked about Season 2 stuff we had gone into Fort Worth to re shoot a scene or two and shoot some new stuff for filler and Season 3. Click here to read Chris’ take on the day.

Lately I have been really bored with the whole video thing so it has been a monumental effort to get off my ass and edit some. I have been building up for several days, trying to get some interest in editing SOMETHING… even if it was only one scene. I have been encoding Brother Cadfael audio books and playing Diablo 2 so I have had every excuse not to work on the show. Yesterday I finally gave in a tried to edit at least one scene.

I started with Episode 6, Scene 6 which is Chris in his truck in a parking lot (where he lives) talking on the phone to Jim, looking for Nathan. Jim is a character created totally for the need for exposition. He is just a voice on the phone. I got the web manager at my work to record the dialogue on his iPhone a couple years back. His acting is… well, it will do. I took the audio and dropped the bass out to make it sound like a phone call and started editing it into the scene. As usual we shot at least 2 angles so I could cut out bad shots but switching to a different view. I did some of that and cut out the audio in the original footage (where I was speaking Jim’s lines). I then laid the ‘Jim audio’ track down and edited it into the scene. I did not finish the audio editing and so when Jim’s lines happen all audio cuts out except him talking. We shot the scene at Trinity Park in Fort Worth and so the background noise was very loud. I will have to take some of the footage from that day (where no one is talking) and use it to lay over Jim’s audio then blend the cuts so you can’t tell I had to cut the original audio. The scene isn’t actually complete because Chris has a flashback and we have yet to shoot it. It’s a bit rude but I think it will be funny. I left a gap there in the edit timeline so that and the audio are the only two things left to do on that scene.

Just when I thought I was done I decided to get started on another Episode 6 scene. I look through the footage I had and decided to try editing the footage we ‘reshot’ last month for Scene 3. This was the footage we shot at the Watergardens back in 2009. During the initial shoot we shot several scenes there but this scene was the only one that was lost in the data disaster. I was worried that me or Miguel might look to different for it to match but it looks OK. We both weight about the same and I still have the same shirt I had for all the surrounding scenes so I don’t think anyone will notice. I started the editing and once again I had to deal with the massive amount of background noise at the Watergardens. I got the initial edit done, having had to dispose of all the take we did with Miguel’s overacting (on purpose). I still have some minor tweaking to do (mainly with the audio) but it was a good start.

I will attempt to gather myself to do some more editing (at least one scene a night) for the next few nights. We will see how I can motivate myself and if it works. We are close now… We have one more day of shooting stuff I think I will be complete with the filming side of things then it will be all up to me to finish the editing process.

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