10 Duran Duran songs you need to listen to

By Nathan Stout (of According To Whim.com)

In this post I am going to list 10 songs that Duran Duran recorded that were released after Liberty (their seventh album). Now I am no Duran Duran expert (that’s Chris’ domain) but I do know what I like about their albums after 1990. I consider myself somewhat of a ‘joe sixpack’ (as put so eloquently by Bill Clinton), that is to say I am more of your average music consumer. That means I am usually tuned into what is outright foot-tapping song.

The 1990+ Duran Duran is the little appreciated Duran Duran (with the exception of a few songs). I will attempt to list 10 1990+ songs by Duran Duran that you REALLY need to listen to (from the ‘man on the street’ perspective).

Album: Duran Duran (The Wedding Album)

1.) Ordinary World
2.) Come Undone

These songs are ones you know and the real exception to my list of more ‘hidden’ Duran Duran songs. I included The Wedding Album because it is where I really noticed a different sound from Duran Duran.

Album: Medazzaland

3.) Electric Barbellera

4.) Out Of My Mind

5.) Silva Halo
6.) Be My Icon

Medazzaland is a much darker (to me) album but as you can see this is where the bulk of my picks are from. My list is not in any sort of order of preference and most of the songs on this album would be lower on my preference list but they are there.

Album: Pop Trash

7.) Last Day On Earth

I had to remove Lady Xanx off this list because of I forgot On My Own. It needs to be on the list but oh well.

Album: Astronaut

8.) Finest Hour

Running a close 12 and 13 (11 if you remember was Lady Xanax) are the tracks Sunrise and Astronaut. This album was considered Duran Duran’s 2nd comeback (The Wedding Album being their first comeback). This was the first album that I activley anticipated and purchased. Of course I grew up with Duran Duran but I was not an active fan until the 2000’s (when Chris got me into them).

Album: Red Carpet Massacre

9.) Red Carpet Massacre

Wow wow wow wow. Out of all these songs I have listed today Red Carpet Massacre fights Ordinary World and Come Undone for the top spot on my list. This song instantly getting you rockin’. It’s very ‘modern’ Duran Duran (the ‘New’ Duran Duran if you will).

Album: Exclusive Fan Album

10.) Virus

This song is so cool it hurts. It’s like Simon was a NetRunner fan and decided to write a cyber punk themed song to play in the background while he and Nick fought for Supremacy for the Internet.

Now I am sure Chris will disagree with most of my selections but you must remember Chris is a Duran Duran aficionado whereas I am an idiot. Now, I would simply recommend all of the songs released by the group but I think this is pretty good jumping off point for a Duran newbie (I hate that word).

You might wonder why I don’t have any songs from their latest album: All You Need Is Now. It’s not that I don’t think any of these songs aren’t worth being on this list but I have yet to have any of them zap me yet.

UPDATE: It’s been a couple of months since I wrote this initial Blog and WOW I really dig All You Need Is Now. I am going to let Chris do a review of the album but I would have to drop at least 3 of the songs off my above list to add some songs from this album. I will keep this list as it is for now and maybe after a few more albums I will revise my list and post a Blog about it.

UPDATE: For our 400th Blog post here at According To Whim Chris and I did a joint Blog reviewing All You Need Is Now so if you haven’t read it, do it now!

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