Hodge Podge of Thoughts

by Chris McGitny (According To Whim .com)

The big problem that I see with blog posts about various subjects is that they have to be written over the course of time or you quickly run out of anything interesting to say. Just go look at some of my previous “thoughts” posts. In spite of that, I’ve been meaning to do one lately. I’m sure I have no thoughts worth putting down, but I guess I have to start putting them down eventually, right?

J. Lo and M. An – At no other time in all of my life would I have cared that Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony decided to divorce. The problem is that Jennifer Lopez has ended up on my radar this year. When I tag this post, I’ll already have her name available to auto-tag, because I wrote about American Idol at the beginning of the year. I recently, finally, sat down and watched “Jersey Girl.” Then just because people told me that I might like “The Cell,” I finally sat down and watched that one as well. “Anaconda” and “Selena” anyone? I might get to those at some point this year. I just can’t seem to get “Enough.” And yet, I have no opinion about the end of her marriage to Mark Anthony. It’s just that since she’s spent so much time on screens that I’ve been watching this year, I feel like I should.

Super Hero Watch – I was told a while back that they were going to do movies surrounding the super heroes that were “Avengers.” I didn’t know, or really care, if it was true. I see that they are releasing “Captain America: The First Avenger” now. With $140 million budget, I guess it had better make some money, unlike “Green Lantern.” I wonder what will happen if it doesn’t. The Hollywood machine seems to be on the “Super Hero Movie” setting lately, and as long as those movies are bringing in the money, it will probably be set there for a while. But what if they stop making money? The problem is that once again, I don’t really care.

Sales Pitch – I was sleeping the other day. That’s what I do. My phone rang, and I answered it even though I didn’t know the number. I usually ignore numbers I don’t know unless I’m expecting a call. “Hello,” I said.

“Hi, I’m calling because you were given as a referral.” She mentioned my roommate, and I was pretty sure this was something where the application, or whatever, asked for referral, and not something where he felt I would want to be referred. She continued on about something that I wasn’t following, and then said, “I was just calling today to see if you’re keeping you career options open.”

I was barely keeping my eyes open. I said something profound like, “Um.”

She asked if everything was ok, and I explained that I was asleep up until the point that my phone rang. She may or may not have comprehended that, and repeated, “Well, I was just calling today to see if you were keeping your career options open.”

I don’t speak sales pitch fluently, and while I realize that sales pitch is more of a dialect than a language, it doesn’t mean that it’s anymore comprehensible. Whatever this person was trying to accomplish, she needed to just tell me what it was, and I could have replied with an intelligible sentence that told her whether or not I could help her accomplish it. But instead she got me asking, “Who is this?”

She explained that she was from Primerica (I think that’s what she said at least) and, yeah you guessed it, “I’m calling to see if you’re keeping your career options open.”

“Can you be reached at the number on my caller ID?”


“Ok, let me call you back when I’m awake, ok?”

“Oh, don’t worry about calling back.”

So I didn’t. She needs to listen to Lord Brian Tracy about how to consider what it is that your prospective sale/client/employee needs in order to be sold on your pitch, because she failed horribly to figure that out the whole time we were on the phone. I’m pretty sure that whatever it was, it wasn’t actually a sales force as much as it was a scripted dialogue, and she couldn’t proceed until I answered Yes or No to her career options question.

Conclusion – I think that’s about it for today. For the next post of this nature, I will probably write my thoughts on various things, and compile the smaller thoughts that aren’t long enough for a whole post rather than sit down as I’ve done in the past and hope I have something to write.

The reason for this today is that I was supposed to go to Nathan’s today, and then go into work at midnight. They called me in for 5 pm. I was going to write about what we did while I was over there and post it before midnight. I’m working two different posts today though, and I need to stop for soda on the way to the other post, where normally I would just go straight to the other post. So I figure I can stop at McDonald’s too and use their free Wi-Fi to upload this. Otherwise, I would have called Nathan and asked him to post for today.

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