Characters Ahhhh! The Characters of the first 26 episodes of our serial

by Nathan Stout (of

Welcome to this 2-part blog posting about our weekly serial: Flash Ahhhh! This 1st blog post is a list of the characters in our 52-part serial about Chris, Nathan, Miguel, and whole lot of shenanigans.

Since there is an episode each Saturday, there will eventually be 52 parts to this story, so this marks the halfway point in the run. I thought it would be fun to post this list of Characters with a brief description; and also, the condensed ‘Cliff Notes’ version of the first 26 episodes, incase you don’t want to read all that which will post on Friday.

Character from the first half of: Flash Ahhhh! in order of appearance:

  • Chris – Our main character. Has the ability to move faster than the eye can see due to 18 years of non-stop Dr. Peppers. His powers make him known as a ‘speed freak’.
  • Nathan – Our secondary character. Forced himself to gain the ability to read minds by eating so much sugary junkfood. The power has left him at times and only by gorging himself could he regain it.
  • Miguel – Has the ability to make other people speak whatever he wants them to. Originally he had an immunity to mind reading but it morphed into his new power but he kept his immunity to mind reading.
  • Miguels’ Wife – Miguel claimed that she had the ability to read minds as well but this was never explored or proven.
  • Professor – A Government agent who operates out of TCC, looking for certian super powers from his pool of students… or is he?
  • Angelina Ricci – A ‘for hire’ agent working for Paul Tygers. Angelina works for The Healing Touche’.
  • Paul Tygers – Sales Agent and Real Estate Guru for the whole North Texas area.
  • Dentre – A Re/Max Sales Agent with his own balloon (nicknamed Mary Ann). Dentre works with Paul in the North Texas Real Estate Market.
  • Redneck – This annoying guy carries a shotgun and wants you off his land.
  • Quincy Glassbreaker – A man who is obsessed with the sound of breaking glass. He is involved in a plot to destroy real estate values in North Texas.
  • Shag Carpeting – Century 21 agent and associate of Dentre who works with Nathan to thwart Quincy’s evil plan.
  • Mike Timmon – The discount version of a certain famous boxes and star of the video game: Mike Timmon’s Punch-Out!
  • Glass John – One of Quincy’s higher end thugs who also stars in Mike Timmon’s Punch-Out! and is quickly punched out by Nathan.
  • Board Member Fred – A board member from According To Whim.
  • Board Member Sally – A board member from According To Whim.
  • Board Member Reginald – A board member from According To Whim.
  • Board Member Hillary – A board member from According To Whim.
  • Fluffy – A unicorn.
  • Muffy – A unicorn.
  • Skippy – A unicorn.
  • Greenly Meadows – A newscaster.
  • Lewis Cannon – A news entertainment reporter.
  • Century 21 gold pantsuited agent chicks with machine guns – Like their name says…
  • Will Smif – A discount hip-hop artist.
  • Ole Pillowcase Head – The master criminal who employees Quincy and has some secret grudge aganist Nathan and Chris.
  • Garrett – A LoseStar Casino employee.

There you go. There are of course other characters that just appear (such as a bus driver and other non-vital characters) but these listed above are the slightly more involved characters (some only just).

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