Flash Ahhhh! – The first 26 episodes… Cliff Notes version

Welcome! This blog is a (very) quick condensed version of the first 26 episodes of According To Whim’s 2011 Weekly serialized story: Flash Ahhhh!

For those of you who just want to catch up to all the madness you can start here. We also have a handy-dandy list of characters blog coming this week as well. Enjoy and catch each new episode every Saturday here on the AccordingToWhim daily blog!


Episode 1: Been Caught Speeding
Chris comes over to Nathan’s house sporting the ability to move quicker than the eye can see. He obtained this power from 18 years of non-stop Dr. Pepper consumption. They both try to come up with evil, self-serving ways to abuse the power but fail to do so. Nathan calls Miguel who admits that a while back Chris had the ability to fly and deflect bullets until he got depressed and lost the ability shortly thereafter.

Episode 2: I Hear The Secrets That You Keep
Nathan overloads on sugary snacks in an attempt to increase his metabolism and super speed like Chris but instead gains the ability to read minds. The two visit Miguel who reveals he has an immunity to mind reading and then informs Chris and Nathan that they need to register their super powers with the government.

Episode 3: Registration and Obfusc… Obfusc… Miguel Gets a Power
Nathan, Chris, and Miguel wonder around downtown and find the super powers registration office only to leave after seeing the long lines. They head to TCC to sign up for a super power class where can more easily register.

Episode 4: Class Dismissed
The trio attend the super power class at TCC and meet the Professor who informs Chris that his power is rare. Shortly after the six hour class Chris is hippie-napped in the parking lot.

Episode 5: The Trouble With Rescues
My favorite line of the whole serial: Chris says “You can’t rape the willing”! Chris is taken to the Professor who says he has captured him so that he can use him for his evil plan. Nathan and Miguel unwittingly show up at the Professor’s classroom only to be put in mortal danger by his henchmen. Both are standing on a narrowing ledge about to drop into alligator infested waters below.

Episode 6: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Nathan and Miguel escape their peril (rather lamely) and confront the professor (who they are not absolutely sure is a bad guy). Apparently he isn’t and informs the duo that Chris was probably kidnapped by the government because of his rare power. Meanwhile Chris opens a plot hole in a CD shop and Miguel and Nathan head there to rescue him.

Episode 7: Seven and the Ragged…
Chris is pulled out the plot hole by the mysterious Angelina Ricci just as Nathan and Miguel show up. All three are taken to a safe house where they meet Paul Tygers who arranged Chris’ rescue from the government agents.

Episode 8: Hella Cool Helipad
Paul reveals (very little actually) while everyone relaxes to some Star Wars lost footage in Paul’s home theater. Miguel is having issues with his excitement and makes several trips to the toilet. While he is away Angelina alerts everyone that government agents have broken in. They take off to the roof and a helipad waiting on Paul’s Re/Max associate to show up. The professor is now with the government agents and tries to convince Chris to come with him. The helipad gets damaged and a deadly game of balance is played until Dentre shows up with his balloon and everyone gets away except Chris who is captured once again.

Episode 9: Setting Up Shop
The professor tells Chris that Paul Tygers is not his friend but before he can elaborate Angelina busts in on them in a most spectacular fashion and saves Chris. They all fly in the balloon to a retail location Dentre owns and Chris uses his speed to fix it up into a comic book and collectible shop. They intend to hide out there from the Professor and his agents whilst running a successful business (on Paul’s credit cards).

Episode 10: Psychic… Powerless… Another Man’s Sack of Fast Food
After setting up the business Anime Renegade Angelina goes and checks in with her company (which is located in the same strip mall) called The Healing Touche’. Chris and Nathan run their EBay business until they realize that Nathan hasn’t had the ability to read minds for a while. Chris suspects Angelina is up to something.

Episode 11: Between 10th and 11th
The group continue their hiding in the shop until a mysterious customer comes in and uses the phone. After that Chris accidental calls up an air strike against Paul’s whole strip shopping mall. Angelina also reveals that she has been diminishing Nathan’s mind reading powers. The shop and everything around it is blown up and Nathan is knocked out by that damn Tron Light Cycle he could never sell in a month of Sundays.

Episode 12: Redneck Dawn
The team stops at an abandoned gas station only to be annoyed by some redneck wanting them off his land. Suddenly the Professor and his SWAT team shows up and there is a huge gun battle. Apparently the Redneck has many clones of himself as well and everything plays out like a crazy session of Redneck Rampage. Paul reveals he has powers too and Chris, Nathan, and Miguel (sensing their own demise) grab some shot guns and join in the battle. Rae Dawn Chong!

Episode 13: Attack of the Redneck Clones! Or not…
The battle quickly ends and Paul, Angelina, and the Professor come to some agreement and take off together leaving Nathan, Chris, and Miguel behind. Chris is angered that Paul’s powers have made the Professor give up on perusing Chris. An argument ensues and Chris ditches Nathan and Miguel far North in the middle of the battle’s aftermath.

Episode 14: Shag Ahhhh!
Nathan and Miguel utilize the corpse of the original Redneck to make their way back to Fort Worth in the most obscene way. After dumping the body Miguel goes home and Nathan meets up with Dentre who asks for his assistance in a plot to destroy North Texas real estate values. Nathan doesn’t give a crap about that until it’s revealed that one of the ringleaders is none other than his old nemesis Quincy Glassbreaker. Nathan quickly agrees and Dentre’s associate Shag Carpeting shows up to literally ‘jump the shark’ and the three head out to devise a plan to stop Quincy.

Episode 15: Spew Ahhhh!
Dentre and Shag have Nathan eat insane amounts of sweets to try to regain his powers and it works. Nathan overdoes it and pukes over the side just as Miguel is below on the ground chasing the balloon, trying to catch up with them. Dentre is heading his balloon to Six Flags, the supposed hideout of Quincy and his gang of bad doers.

Episode 16: A Stroll through the Park on Cold Day, and Other Freakish Occurrences
Nathan, Shag, and Dentre track Quincy to his hideout in Six Flags Over Texas without much luck of actually finding him. They do find a lost child, an unconscious blob on the ground (presumably Miguel) and Glass John from Mike Timmon’s Punch-Out!

Episode 17: Emergency!” DVDs in the Break Room…
Nathan, Shag, and Dentre trace Quincy to the Cave Ride when things halt because of Chris’ drug induced trip out (or something) and Nathan (as one of the authors of the story) calls a writer’s meeting and nothing gets resolved so the story starts back up again with the trio about to go into the Cave Ride.

Episode 18: Stacked to the Rafters
Things get fast and furious as Nathan, Shag, and Dentre chase Quincy onto the Roaring Rapids. Chris shows up in the neck of time to push the Professor into the water while rescuing the tied up Miguel. Quincy’s thugs are blasted around by Dentre’s Re/Max bombs. Quincy escaped as Century 21 chicks in gold pantsuits arrive the park to battle it out with what is left of Quincy’s thugs. Nathan and Chris hide with the unconscious and tied up Miguel.

Episode 19: Destroy All Artifacts. They Can’t Be Regenerated.
Chris fights one of Quincy’s goons on a moving roller coaster while Nathan attempts to hang onto the unconsciou Miguel. Once done they meet back up with Shag and Dentre. Suddenly Quincy utilizes Will Smif’s around system to shatter all the glass in Arlington. Chris realizes that Quincy’s next target is the According To Whim Headquarters. They two head there in a hurry (but not before dropping Miguel off at an ambulance).

Episode 20: iPoos and Twankies
While on the way to saving the According To Whim HQ, Nathan and Chris discover that there is someone higher up in all these evil plans than Quincy. Some master villain who goes around wearing a Hangman’s costume and has his hideout at Hangman’s House of Horrors. Chris goes and stops Quincy’s plan but is caught and Nathan heads to Hangman’s but it caught too. Nathan wakes to find himself in a dangerous game of… what else, hangman.

Episode 21: Takanakakaka-ka-ka-kaboom
After being captured by Quincy Chris escapes and shoots a bazooka at Quincy’s evil glass breaking machine but misses and destroys the According To Whim headquarters himself. Nathan is saved from Ole Pillowcase Head but none other than the Professor and his gang. Chris is caught (again) and they all gather so that the professor can use a machine to remove Chris and Nathan’s powers… forever.

Episode 23: Rick Springfield Guest Stars on Every Other Show
Chris and Nathan have their powers removed! The Professor, Paul, and the others leave the two now that they are no longer a threat to their evil plans. Chris tries to get Nathan to go to a Rick Springfield concert and Nathan flat out refuses until its revealed that it is a the casino then Nathan is all over that. Ole Pillowcase Head is mad when he is sent on a wild goose chase trying to hunt down the duo. Miguel is recooperating in the hospital.

Episode 24: Permit to ill
Nathan and Chris seem to have fallen into some recreation of Star Wars in his living room and soon find them selves beamed to Hangman’s House of Horrors, right into the waiting whip of Ole Pillowcase Head. Garrett shows up (who is apparently a cohort of Ole Pillowcase Head) and they tie Nathan and Chris up and take them to the Watergardens where Ole Pilowcase Head plans to film his torture of the duo (but not before explaining all vlog style and such why he is getting revenge on our hapless victims).

Episode 25: The Promise was also Arcadia, Just Saying
Nathan and Chris get a momentary reprieve because of picky Fort Worth city employees and their ‘no filming at the Watergardens’ rule. Chris tricks Ole Pillowcase Head to go find a replacement camera at a local GoodWillis. After many hours he returns then realizes that it doesn’t use sound so he make Chris promise to bring Miguel back to the Watergardens to use his ‘overdub’ powers or Chris’ precious Duran Duran collection will be destroyed. Chris agrees and lures Miguel to the Watergardens telling him they are shooting Logan’s Run 2. Until the appointed hour of return Chris decides to go see his favorite band: Danny Daewoo and the Killer Shrooms.

Episode 26: Hellfire and Danny-Nation
After Nathan and Chris discuss when Danny Daewoo starts his set that local goth club: The Crunch, Nathan goes home to change then promptly disposes of his phone (while mowing his yard). An irritated Chris meets up with Nathan at the Watergardens where Miguel is not. Apparently Chris figured out Logan’s Run 2 wasn’t being shot. None of this matters since they can’t find Ole Pillowcase Head. Chris is beginning to worry (about his Duran Duran collection, not Ole Pillowcase Head).

So there you go. Now you have a head start (if you haven’t bothered to read these episodes). You are missing on a lot of joke and good time… Drew.

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