Saturday Fun

by Chris McGinty (According To Whim .com)

Miguel and I met at Nathan’s on Saturday night. It was lots of fun. It was Saturday fun.

We started out discussing breakfast. Don’t ask me.

We then talked about super hero movies. And this spawned two, one-hour long episodes of the According To Whim audio show. I got all anti-Apple by complaining about the fact that Nathan wanted to use his iPhone to record the show. He said, “We’ve been using the iPhone for the last so many months.” I pointed out that this was probably only the second show we’d done in the last so many months.

I would like to say that we had an interesting and engaging talk, but really, we didn’t. Well, if you like “Star Wars” maybe, but once we stop discussing “Star Wars” you’ll probably start spacing out like that Miguel guy does anytime the discussion doesn’t revolve around Han Solo. Though, the truth is that I look forward to the day that I listen through the show because there were a lot of funny parts in there.

After the audio shows we discussed an upcoming project that I’m sure we’ll put a lot of blog time into writing about in the coming months. I mean what other reason to do a project than to have something to write about for the blog? Or was that the other way around?

After this, I was about to make a long road trip, and I realized that I didn’t have my car adapter power inverter thing, and so I asked Miguel and Nathan if either of them had one. Oddly, they both had one, and I think they both had one that was made sometime in 1978. So the real question was whether either of them would work to charge my phone.

Miguel’s was just starting and stopping charging constantly and rhythmically, and would do me no good unless I intended to use it in a song recording. Nathan’s was the fun one. When we plugged it in, and then I plugged my phone in, the power inverter got really hot. The fuse then popped, and the inverter started smoking. Oops.

I thought there would be a little more to write about, but the truth is that most of the evening is recorded in the audio shows. So look for those when Nathan puts them up.

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